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Jimmy Choo is one of many stars love fashion brand, on the red carpet whether Jimmy Choo shoes or bags, are the most seductive decoration, following on with a look at the summer bar Jimmy Choo heels.




Mosaic of green and champagne, perfect lines, showing exquisite ankle.





Simple chic T-strap sandals, made in Italy, modern fashion.





Navy blue colors, cleverly designed, elegant, with adjustable gold metal buckle.





Very iconic Jimmy Choo sandals, red carpet party is essential shoes, slim straps beautifully wrap your feet, the color bright enough.

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Chrissy Teigen Preps for the Met Ball in Givenchy Heels

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Here’s Chrissy Teigen, walking the streets of NYC and posing with fans after some advance hair and makeup prep for the Met Ball on Monday. She’s wearing a bold pair of Givenchy Shark Tooth Booties, which are sadly no longer available. You can shop a wide variety of Givenchy footwear.

Chrissy might have worn these booties under her gown at the Met Ball later that evening. This year’s theme was “China: Through the Looking Glass”, and Chrissy opted for a glittery, form-fitting black long-sleeved gown from St. John and open-toed black shoes that we couldn’t quite see well enough to ID.

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Miu Miu's Jewel-like Christmas Heels

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Feel the sensation of Christmas; friends and family are gathered in a cozy and fuzzy home, they are holding drinks on their hands and their stomach are growling for the big diner. The Christmas tree adds a positive sphere to the environment, decorated with red, purple, blue, pink and green lights. You look out of the window, the streets are covered with snow, but star-and-snow-flakes LED lights are shining bright on the trees and poles. Pair such gorgeous evening with Miu Miu’s Christmas shoes, embellished with jewel-like stones in sapphire, emerald, ruby and green rhinestones in big and small sizes. A flashy high heel to brighten the night, they are just the thing.

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I See Pink! Louboutins Evening, Day, and Work

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Aerosmith: ”Pink it’s the color of passion, ’Cause today it just goes with the fashion, Pink it was love at first sight. “ There is no color quite as feminine as pink! Added with the sexy splash of red from Louboutin’s soles, it’s utterly irresistible.

Wear knockout pink Christian Louboutin heels whether it be for a casual weekend, chic workday, or a sexy evening.

Sexy casual:

All Glam! :

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