Rumors are Flying That These Louis Vuitton Bags are Being Discontinued

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A shiny shimmery treat for all of you bag lovers out there, these Colors Of The Lady Dior Shiny Python Bags are the real deal. From afar and up close, these bags look extra luxurious and extravagant. Though we are 100% sure that the price doesn’t come cheap, at least remind yourself that these are bags which are worth the splurge given the name and the craftsmanship put into creating them.

Perfect to take with you during evening galas and events, these shiny python bags from Christian Dior will give you that big and bold fashion statement. You can select from a number of colors available from their collection: one can opt to bring home the silver colored bag or the golden-toned, the pink one or the bright and lively fuchsia color.

Aside from the wide array of colors that you can choose from, we are also loving the additional trinkets of D,I,O and R. We kind of figured that these charms finish off the look of the Lady Dior Shiny Python Bags.




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Louis Vuitton early autumn bags, full of childlike

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Louis Vuitton more fun bag full of early autumn, drawing inspiration from the sticker played in childhood, to create a label handbag, very strange.




LV Petite Malle sticker printing bag




LV Alma BB sticker printing handbags




LV Alma handbag sticker printing



Louis Vuitton2015 early autumn stickers bags, combined with the current popular fashion items, to create a unique sticker styles, from handbags to Petite Malle from Alma small box bag, has a variety of pattern sticker printed on exclusive LV bags logo, highlight fashion style from the details.

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Dior: F/W16 Exclusives Now Available At ION Orchard

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All that shimmers is not gold. And nothing can be nearer to the truth than when faced with this beauty, a F/W16 Diorama that will be made specially available to us here in Singapore at Dior ION Orchard. Part of a special 3-piece collection that will be sold on our sunny shores before the rest of world, this Bronze/Gold beauty in gradient metallicMicrocannage calfskin leather is also one of my favourites, with a sheen so refined it would make Midas weep.

Also available is this Lady Dior, also in metallic Microcannage calfskin leather but in gradient Blue/Silver. While not as head-turning as the golden Diorama, it’s perhaps more suited for those who prefer a bag that’s a) more subtle and b) a piece that’s also easier to match with your wardrobe as far as its colours are concerned. Priced atSGD6300 and SGD5500 respectively for the Diorama and the Lady Dior, both bags are available in both colour combinations; in other words, there’s also a Diorama inBlue/Silver and a Lady Dior in Bronze/Gold, which just makes deciding on one even harder.

For fans of the Dior Tribales (or those who just want to spend a tad less), two designs from the F/W16 collection will also be up for grabs, a pair in palladium finished metal and anthracite resin pearls and another with a rose gold finish matched with rose gold pearls. Both pairs retail for SGD680 each, so it really comes down to which pair makes your heart beat that little bit faster.

The pieces are set to arrive anytime soon, so my suggestion is to first head down to Dior ION Orchard for more information before placing a deposit for any piece you might want. And if I have to decide on just one, it would definitely be the Diorama inBronze/Gold FTW. Right? #happyshopping

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Chanel Iridescent Calfskin Boy Bags From Spring 2016 Act 1

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Chanel’s latest Boy Bags for Spring/Summer 2016 Act 1 Collection are made available in Iridescent Calfskin. These Boy Bags features a shiny and pearly effect, almost similar to patent leather. It comes in gold hardware which matches perfectly to the iridescent calfskin. It comes in colors like Black, Dark Beige, Light Green, Light Purple, Light Pink and Light Blue. The Iridescent Calfskin is also available in Boy WOC.

Style & Price



Chanel Iridescent Calfskin Old Medium Boy Bag $4,700.00 (USD)
Chanel Iridescent Calfskin New Medium Boy Bag $5,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Iridescent Calfskin Boy WOC Bag $2,100.00 (USD)


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Prada Bomber Shoulder Bag with Metal Chain Strap
Size: 26.5cm x 15cm x 7cm (L x H x W)
Price: $1,530 USD, €1,150 EUR

Are you up for something different? We’ll, we’ve got your back! Introducing, the Prada Bomber Shoulder Bag, a spectacular piece that’ll add a different ‘fluff’ to your outfit. The design has two variations – a chain strap version and a leather strap one. Both bags have a bomber-effect fabric exterior, which adds dimension to the whole piece. Depending on your preference, you may want to switch it up.

The metal chain strap variation has one pocket with magnet button closure on rear and two inside pockets, which includes one with zipper closure.

On the other hand, the leather shoulder strap version isn’t one to miss out – it also has two inside pockets (still with one that’s zipped). We know very well that organized divas will love both bags!




Prada Bomber Shoulder Bag with Leather Shoulder Strap
Size: 26.5cm x 15cm x 7cm (L x H x W)
Price: $1,460 USD, €1,100 EUR

You can get your very own Bomber Shoulder Bag via Prada e-store.

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