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Mention tweed and Chanel immediately comes to mind. It was, after all, Coco Chanel who introduced the seriously proper, thick woven woolly fabric that was once the reserve of English gentlemen to the wardrobes of fashionable women in Paris. Today you’ll see the fabric extensively on Chanel’s signature jackets, on their bags, and there was even a season when tweed appeared on the sneakers that were the talk of the town.

Taking it a step even further, and further reinforcing the importance of tweed to the French luxury house, you’ll also find tweed on the latest selection of Boyfriendtimepieces from Chanel. Not the actual fabric of course, but an interpretation of tweed, the watch’s bracelet composed of spun steel wires that are interwoven and then stamped with a tweed pattern.


The end result? Another beautiful timepiece from Chanel Horlogerie, with a bracelet that not only looks like tweed, but will also sit most comfortably as it adjusts to the natural contours of your wrist. Available in 2 sizes, the larger MM (26.7 mm by 34.6 mm) and the smaller PM (21.5 mm by 27.9 mm), both of which will come with refined steel cases set atop jet black watch dials. For those, however, who prefer a little more bling, there’s the one that comes with a full diamond bezel for maximum brilliance.

Now available at the Chanel Fine Jewellery Boutique located within Ngee Ann City, prices start from SGD6500 for the one in PM with the full steel case.

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The Making Of The Chanel Iconic Tweed Handbag


The Chanel 2.55 bag was released in 1955, which came with a front lock called the ‘Mademoiselle Lock’.

But there is another famous bag named the ‘Classic Flaps’, which are supplied with a lock in the shape of a double CC. This bag was available since 1980’s.

Today Chanel design the Classic Flap Bags beyond leathers, there are now versions available in tweed, velvet, embroidered with sequins and many more.

And for those that are interested (or for those that owns an iconic bag), these images guide you through the process of making the Classic Flap Bag in Tweed.

Made with care, Chanel’s craftsmen make sure that every stitch is done well. Most are done by hand with the help of basic tools like a hammer.

The internal CC logo is stitched by a sewing machine; the interwoven chains are put together by hand. The quality of these bags represent the quality of the brand, therefore it’s important that each bag is crafted near perfection. At the end, this is also the reason why we spend so much for an accessory. Or is it not?







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Chanel Padlock Tweed Necklace


First seen on the catwalk, it made me think – why is she carrying a padlock? Is there a zipper, can I open it and store my essentials?

No it’s not a bag, in fact it’s a necklace and it’s an oversized one (it takes a full hand to grab it). My first reaction was: ‘Isn’t it too heavy to carry?’.

The woman on the catwalk was showing an example, either carry it around your neck or sling it when going out, you know – weekend parties. And I like it because it can be used as a weapon, though expensive, but in case someone tries to rob me or (in an annoying way) hit on me.

The Chanel Padlock Tweed Necklace, in rainbow colors, so perfect. The CC logo is embellished in the center and there is another CC charm attach to it.

It’s beautiful alright, I had hoped it was a clutch bag. The question is: ‘Would you buy it and how will you use it?’ Let us know in the comment section.


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