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Introducing the Gucci Ace Sneaker. These low-top sneakers debuted in Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2016 Collection. It features the iconic Web grosgrain on the sides. The sole is made of rubber and it usually comes with ayers or crocodile on the back of the shoe. Aside from the very popular classic white sneakers, the Ace is also available in other colors and materials. These includes embroideries of Gucci’s famous patches such as heart, tiger, bee, flowers and snake. It also comes in brocade material and studded leather. The Ace Sneaker is perfect for everyday use and can be worn with a variety of outfits like denim jeans, skirts and mini dresses.

Style & Price



Gucci Leather Ace Low-Top Sneaker $540.00 (USD)
Gucci Heart Embroidered Ace Low-Top Sneaker $595.00 (USD)
Gucci GG Supreme Ace Low-Top Sneaker $535.00 (USD)
Gucci Bee Embroidered Leather Ace Low-Top Sneaker $595.00 (USD)
Gucci Floral Embroidered Ace Low-Top Sneaker $695.00 (USD)
Gucci Brocade Ace Low-Top Sneaker $620.00 (USD)
Gucci Crystal Mouth Embroidered Ace Low-Top Sneaker $870.00 (USD)
Gucci Studded Ace Low-Top Sneaker $980.00 (USD)
Gucci Studded Leather Ace Low-Top Sneaker $750.00 (USD)
Gucci Crystal Snake Embroidered Ace Low-Top Sneaker $950.00 (USD)

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“Fighting evil by moonlight,
Winning love by daylight,
Never running from a real fight!
She is the one named Sailor Moon!”

These lyrics come in the background as soon as we are writing a review about this gorgeous red colored shoulder bag.

Can we tell you how much we are digging this bag? Its one-of-a-kind beauty reminds us of the good old days of Sailor Moon and the Girls. Yes, we are 100% certain that Sailor Moon will be wearing this gem as soon as she lays her eyes on Gucci’s Leather Bow and Pearl Bag.

Well, why did we think of Sailor Moon? It’s quite obvious that the red color and the metal bow and glass pearls are reminiscent of the hype that this Japanese manga series brought not too long ago (by that we mean decades ago).

Moving on to the bag, we couldn’t help but admire its hibiscus red leather. Ladies remember that you can never go wrong with red! It also features an interior open pocket, a gold toned metal bow with glass pearl detail and glass pearl studs and gold toned studs, antiqued gold toned hardware and a sliding chain strap that can be worn as a shoulder strap or as a top handle.

It measures 8 x 5.5 x 2.5 (W x H x D) inches and is priced $1850 USD via Gucci store.





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Let’s talk about shoes a little bit.

And we all know that Gucci has plenty of gorgeous shoes and honestly, too many to name here.

We’ve read that the latest fashion is not about ‘oversized’ logos on clothes, bags and shoes anymore, they’re just not in anymore. People do not want large logo names on their fashion pieces. Perhaps simplicity would work, like Celine’s style.

But take us to another question. How about iconic prints? You know like Louis Vuitton Monogram print? Or this Gucci GG Canvas Print on your shoes? Would you love that?

The Gucci GG Supreme Sandals are somewhat sophisticated for this collection. Designed in tri-colors – pink, purple and red…and covered with the iconic GG print on the straps. It feels a bit playful if you ask me. But the colors are bright enough to help you get through the summer.

Made with three straps, refined with patent leather covered buttons. The heels are 110mm, priced at €650 euro via Gucci store. But what do you think? Are they worth the investment?






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Gucci Dionysus and Gucci Mule Slippers

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I was planning on sharing my must-have spring pieces with you today, but I got behind on work, so instead, I’m sharing two items I want in my closet right now. My love affair with Gucci shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you; I was already a fan before Alessandro Michele took over, and with his reinvigoration of the brand, I fell even further down the rabbit hole.


Gucci Dionysus Embroidered Supreme GG Shoulder Bag

When the Dionysus was first released, I loved it. Now I love it even more, and though I have affection for many renditions of the bag, I am fully committed to only one: the Gucci Embroidered Supreme GG Shoulder Bag. With its lips and lightning appliques, trompe l’oeil sequin embroidery and hand-painted edges, the bag showcases everything Michele’s Gucci embodies. I love the whimsy of the embellishments atop classic GG supreme canvas. If this version doesn’t work for you, there also some very simple options, as well as others that are just as over-the-top. Buy this one via Neiman Marcus for $3,800.


Gucci Princetown Leather Horsebit Mule Slipper Flat

I’ve also fallen for Gucci shoes recently, though, truth be told, I’m not really a shoe girl. Growing up (and now, being back in) Florida means a lot of sandals, and I go pretty casual with my shoes down here. But, a slip-on mule from Gucci is much nicer than my typical shoe look but still incredibly easy to wear. Gucci hit it big with these mules accented with fur, but I want the plain black version. They’d be easy to wear with most of my wardrobe and are still so cool. 

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Gucci XL GG Floral Print Tote



I like my florals, and I like my monograms. Put them together and you’ve pretty much got this, one of Gucci’s new bags of the season for men, the XL GG Floral Print Tote. Admittedly, it’s not an ugly bag, in fact, I do like the whole embroidered phoenix and giant bee dancing amongst the gold flowers set against the GG Supreme canvas that’s also printed with its own blue/green floral print.

Yes, it’s a lot to take in, especially when you consider its size, measuring 37.5 cm across by 35.5 cm in height. It also comes with a removable shoulder sling (ok, that’s useful), suede-bonded lining and patch pockets on the inside. Retailing for aroundSGD3500 or so, it’s lovely yes, but as far as I’m concerned, mustering the courage to bring this bag out and about would be a different story altogether.

In other words, if I do get it, I would probably place it on a pedestal and stare at it all day, with an arrangement of flowers sticking out the top, of course. For everyone else (especially the fashion-forward folks amongst you), it’s now available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore.

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Gucci Button Sandals
Price: $1290 USD, €980 euro

For women who hardheadedly refuse to be anything but successful, here’s a single unsolicited advice: all you need is a good pair of shoes that will make you feel on top of the world. Well, here’s the good part ladies, Gucci’s button sandals will give you just that. Walk the walk and talk the talk with this high-heeled sandals that comes in patent leather and leather style that will make you regret not owning it. With two styles that you can choose from: black patent leather and black leather, feel effortlessly beautiful and sophisticated in no time. This shoe product from Gucci features leather material with straps and button details for that extra flirty yet funky feel.

It also boasts of mother-of-pearl GG buttons that makes them more captivating and appealing. It also has back zip closure for easy wearing and features 4.5” heel that adds sexiness to it. This pair of high-heeled sandals is made for walking whether at a gala, soiree or for that sexy Saturday date you’ve been waiting for. Feel in charge of the situation and own this beauty! It retails for $995 USD, available via Gucci boutique


Gucci Button Sandals
Price: $1290 USD, €980 euro


Gucci Button Sandals
Price: $995 USD


Gucci Button Sandals
Price: $995 USD


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