Christian Louboutin Spring Summer Collection

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A product name like ‘hot chick’ can only guarantee one thing – it’s freaking hot. Introducing Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2015 Collection, a little too early but its alright.

The ad campaign features three beautiful feet, each showing the newest loubies with heels. We got the hottest of the hottest, the Christian Louboutin Hot Chick Pumps in baby blue colors. The heels are made with waves to enhance the elegance. With curve shapes from the back to the toe, it’s a shoe hard-to-resist


Then we’ve got the flirtatious shoe, the Louboutin Senora Pumps. It’s more than just an open toe T-strap shoe as Mr. Louboutin has put his signature on this classic silhouette this season. Electrify your ensembles in this seasonal poppy mixed-material stunner. The perfect shoe for Spring and Summer.


Finally, the fringes. let your hair down for the fabulous Louboutin Otrot Pumps. An exceptional single sole, full d’orsay pump is finished with floor-length suede fringes that’s purposely embossed to hide the slender heels. Made in multicolor suede, a party shoe for the next season. Pre-order at Christian Louboutin e-store.


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Creative Director Raf Simons is Leaving Christian Dior

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If you’ve been as fond of Dior‘s handbags as we’ve been lately, we have some unfortunate news to share this morning. Raf Simons, Dior’s much-lauded creative director of 3.5 years, has decided not to renew his contract with LVMH, the brand’s parent company, according to an announcement made yesterday in Paris.

The Cut’s Cathy Horyn, who has covered Simons’ career closely for years, has the mostcomprehensive analysis of the decision, and it’s clear this isn’t a case of a brand’s executives pressuring a designer to leave or be publicly fired. Horyn reports that LVMH execs have had nothing but praise for Simons and that his designs have driven a 60% increase in Dior’s sales since his arrival in 2011, as well as wide critical acclaim. Instead, by Horyn’s estimation, it seems as though Simons simply wants to do other, perhaps less stressful things; his motivations were described only as “personal reasons.”

Spring 2016, presented earlier this month in Paris, is Simons’ last collection for the brand, and LVMH has not named his successor, although the company will surely have the pick of the litter for such a coveted, high-profile role. We’re certainly going to miss Raf Simons’ influence on the brand’s bags, though.

Since joining the Dior staff in 2011, Simons has overseen an expansion of the brand’s handbag line, including design debuts like the Diorama, Diorissimo and Be Dior bags, as well as an expanded Lady Dior line. The expansion, which was characterized by Simons’ modernism mixed with Dior’s signature ladylike polish, was largely well-received, with a clear uptick in consumer interest (our now-very-busy Dior subform on the PurseForum can attest to that) and more celebrities carrying the bags than ever, which tends to be influential on luxury shoppers.

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Replica HandBag Review: Christian Dior Lady Dior Cannage

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The story of the Christian Dior Lady Dior Cannage bag is a very beautiful one. It all started in 1995 when the former first lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, offered it as a gift to Princess Diana. At that time this amazing model was still unreleased and due to Madame Chirac’s gesture Christian Dior named it „Lady Dior”. This name made this bag even more stylish, elegant, and refined with a fine touch of a royal distinction. It is very obvious that this bag model gained its place in history due to Lady Diana. The Princess was very often seen wearing this spectacular purse to different social events, this proving that she loved it. After lady Diana worn this bag everybody wanted to have one.

Most bags come in three sizes but this one comes in four sizes as: Mini, Medium, Large and Extra Large. This is amazing as we can find it graceful, practical, spacious and versatile. It can be exactly the bag you want it to be. You can wear it to work, to a party or an elegant gala; it is even perfect for shopping.

dior cannage

Lady Dior Cannage is created from very soft and supple leather and it is embellished with the famous cannage pattern. This cannage Christian Dior is using is a flat kind of flat quilting. This unique cannage geometric surface can be found in all types of fabrics and in all the colors you may think of. You can find it in fabrics like: suede, satin, denim, patent leather, lamb skin, calfskin, and ostrich or crocodile leather. You may not know that Dior’s cannage came before Chanel’s quilted pattern even though Chanel is the most important and known producer of quilted style purses.

The shape of the Lady Dior is square and it has double handles that are even made of rolled leather or acrylic. The handles connect to the bag with some oval shaped metal rings which are stamped “CD” on the exterior. The medium and the large sizes have a zipper for the closure while the small size version is available with a top flap system. Dior created a detachable strap for all his bag models. The charms on the Dior bags are usually made of precious metals as gold or silver, the exception is for the evening collections that usually have crystal charms.

Since 2005 the tags of the Dior’s are made from the same leather the bags are made of. The shape of the tag is rectangular wider than taller. The wideness is of about one inch. For the medium and large models we can find the tags under the interior zipper pocket and for the small size models we can find the tags on the side pocket. The Lady Dior tags are stitched all the way around, only the top is attached to the lining of the bag. This way we can lift it and check the authentication code stamped on it. There are letters and numbers in this code. Also the writing is placed on three different rows as: “Christian Dior”, “Paris” and “Made in Italy”.

This Lady Dior bag model is quite easy to replicate as it has been produced in a very large number and during the time it has been changed a lot. There were a lot of variations of this model on the market. This was the most replicated model of the Dior’s bags over the time and it is really hard to differentiate a good replica from the original Lady Dior bag. But if you get for yourself one of the beautiful Lady Dior bags just enjoy it even if it is original or just a good replica.

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Christian Louboutin Goes Back in Time for Pre-Fall 2015

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Christian Louboutin Pre-Fall 2015 Dollyparty 120mm Suede Nuit Gold

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The Christian Dior resort 2016 collection has officially been revealed! There is something about the Dior fashion house that always seems to appeal to us and Raf Simons made sure that once again the label would not disappoint. As we begin planning cruises and resort vacations for about 6-8 months later from now, we will definitely be turning towards Dior for some grand inspirations. Nothing beats seeing incredibly beautiful models walk through a plane-like structure and onto the open runway, particularly on such a sunny day as this; and oh how lovely the frothy and uniquely designed pieces paraded on the runway were but a few hours ago.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection The show was set in the Le Palais Bulles, literally a makeshift palace of terra-cotta bubbles set into a cliff between Cannes and Monaco. We saw airplane cabins when originally spotting the place, but we know it can also be construed as a Flintstone style condo that is meant for a caveman’s luxurious needs. Pierre Cardin has acquired the property and Dior’s cruise/resort collection looked pretty awesome from that point of view. Did you know that Cardin himself was sitting in the front seats, not looking a day older than 85, despite his 92 year old true age? It is sad to see so many of the top designers well into their senior years, even if they keep busy and still dominate the world of fashion.

The air about the Dior resort 2016 collection setting was just as lovely as the place itself, with Simons calling it “playful, sweet… childish, almost.” He had fallen in love with the venue about 5 years ago and finally had the chance to show off his creative ingenuity in the house that he describes as being big and intimate but without the behaviour of authority. “And Dior can do that sometimes, especially if you look at it from an architectural point of view.”

But what was it that made the collection itself so captivating? The Bar jacket has been pushed aside and the Bar silhouette brought to the forefront, with its full sleeves and nipped waist. This was paired with taffeta shorts, while the pantsuits were toned down to size with flip flops. Low heeled and pointed versions of shoes appeared all over, while the iconic Dior femme fleur was seen shimmering all about with its crystal construction. The checked neo-Bar suits were incredible to behold, while the smocks and the rompers appealed to our vacation loving senses greatly.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

The architectural design of the house certainly influenced the line-up itself, the idea of curves in a sea of boxy homes translating into some unique pieces that would stand out from among all the rest of the resort collections this year. Just as he found the architecture to be young, feminine and playful, so do we find Simons’ creations newly showcased in the exceptionally alluring home in the south of France. Between kilts and gingham shorts, sculpted jackets with pleated, peplum waists and sleek tennis dresses or cropped sailor pants combined with Lurex striped tops, this was most certainly a collection we fell in love with over and over again.

“We tried to make it very, very light, and much younger, and therefore also more futurist and modernist,” stated the mastermind behind the Dior line of late and we simply could not agree more with this spot-on assessment.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

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Let the Shoe Battles Begin: Jimmy Choo Vs. Christian Louboutin Studs

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Shoe Battles Feature Image

When I came across this Jimmy Choo pump, I was surprised to see stud ornamentation. The brand’s aesthetic is known more for their glamorous, ladylike silhouettes, especially when it comes to the Abel pump. The Abel silhouette is a Jimmy Choo classic that’s clean and refined. These mixed-finish studs are a bit edgy for the brand, and it’s a nice change-up. After looking at this design, I instantly thought of Christian Louboutin’s signature studded designs.

When I think of a brand that frequently incorporates studs, I can’t help but think of Louboutin; he has used everything from solid-color to mixed-finish studs on his shoes for years. While Choo may not use studs as frequently, I’m having a hard time choosing which designer did it best. Let’s hear your vote in the comments!

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