Chanel Boyfriend Black Dial Steel Tweed Collection

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Mention tweed and Chanel immediately comes to mind. It was, after all, Coco Chanel who introduced the seriously proper, thick woven woolly fabric that was once the reserve of English gentlemen to the wardrobes of fashionable women in Paris. Today you’ll see the fabric extensively on Chanel’s signature jackets, on their bags, and there was even a season when tweed appeared on the sneakers that were the talk of the town.

Taking it a step even further, and further reinforcing the importance of tweed to the French luxury house, you’ll also find tweed on the latest selection of Boyfriendtimepieces from Chanel. Not the actual fabric of course, but an interpretation of tweed, the watch’s bracelet composed of spun steel wires that are interwoven and then stamped with a tweed pattern.


The end result? Another beautiful timepiece from Chanel Horlogerie, with a bracelet that not only looks like tweed, but will also sit most comfortably as it adjusts to the natural contours of your wrist. Available in 2 sizes, the larger MM (26.7 mm by 34.6 mm) and the smaller PM (21.5 mm by 27.9 mm), both of which will come with refined steel cases set atop jet black watch dials. For those, however, who prefer a little more bling, there’s the one that comes with a full diamond bezel for maximum brilliance.

Now available at the Chanel Fine Jewellery Boutique located within Ngee Ann City, prices start from SGD6500 for the one in PM with the full steel case.

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Alexander McQueen Black Woven Grain Heroine Tote Bag

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All bag obsessed has a weak spot for the Alexander McQueen Heroine Tote Bag. I cannot say ‘no’, can you say ‘no?’.

As Lychee should stay pink, banana should stay yellow and the Alexander McQueen Heroine Tote should remain black. We’ve always believed that there’s not much you can change to make it better, but from time to time, Alexander McQueen surprises us with one or two tweak and transform the look differently, and they make it feel differently.

Compare this Heroine tote with the original version, the shape is more structured, straight, a bit boxy and modernized. Totally classic and timeless, you can lock it up in your closet and wear it ten years later, it will still be an iconic.

A padlock hanging on the right handle and the ‘micro’ grain woven texture crafted throughout the bag, it shines and feels so-luxurious. It comes with twin rolled handles and the logo ‘Alexander McQueen’ is stamped on the front of the bag.

Open up to find three empty compartments, ready to store your essentials and to be used as an everyday bag. With zippered welt pocket and a slot pocket at textile interior.

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Chanel Boy So Black Flap Bag


As far as Chanel and the color ‘black’ concerned, I do not belief you can get it more classic than this – the iconic boy Chanel flap bag, literally to-die-for, quilted with black Boy CC signature logo, even the chain is colored in black.

Released for the Spring Summer 2014 Collection, this piece is an limited edition. Tell me, how much love?

The Boy Chanel So Black Boy Flap Bag comes in three sizes and here are also the prices:

Small: 9.8″ x 6.3″ x 3.6″ inches, $3,900 USD
Medium: 10.6 x 7.0 x 3.6″ inches, $4,100 USD
Large: 12.0″ x 8.0″ x 3.0″ inches, $4,900 USD

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Jimmy Choo Abel Black Patent Pump: Stiletto Feminine Weapon

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I love movies with an happy ending or at least with a sweet revenge. The story was about a girl who had fallen in love so deeply that she would do anything to keep the relationship going. But her boyfriend was distracted and loved to chase girls, so after a series of heart-breaking on and off, he left her, all alone.

When you fall hard, it’s not easy to get up. So it took a while before the girl could put the pieces together and moved on. But just as how life goes, destiny always plays a big part in our life; the boy and girl met again in a party, but this time the role was reversed. The girl has gone through a tough change, she eventually became more beautiful than ever. At the party, she was dressed like a princess and literally attracted the curiosity of all the males in the room. Her ex-boy friend? He became extremely jealous.

Stiletto’s are, according to Mr. Louboutin, a feminine weapon that men don’t have. Great shoes transform your body language and attitude. If your boyfriend leaves you, don’t sit around and kill time. Get your life back together, go to the hair salon, shopping and came back with a Dior or Chanel bag, then wear these sexy Jimmy Choo black pumps and party wild. Shake all the bad memories of your head. Then when the day comes that your ex-boyfriend tries to convince you back, you will understand that he has won the battle but you’ve won the war. Girl power! At Jimmy Choo e-store for $575.


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Kim Kardashian Still Loves Her Hermès So Black Birkin


Kim Kardashian Hermes So Black Birkin

Here’s Kim Kardashian, leaving the dermatologist’s office after what was obviously just a quick consultation that did NOT involve Botox injections in low key, all-black gym clothes. Kim is carrying her trusty Hermès So Black Birkin. We’ve seen Kim carry this gorgeous bag numerous times, and I would guess that it’s probably her all-time fave. (It’s the exorbitantly priced black handbag that goes with everything! But Amanda contends that Hermès bags are totally worth the money.)

Kim, of course, has her own extra-ridiculous edition of our popular “Many Bags” series, and you can see the bulk of her collection in “The Many, Many Bags of Kim Kardashian.” (The extra “many” was completely warranted.) It’s also worth perusing the comments section, which, as you might expect, has morphed into an epic, ongoing debate about Kim’s fashion choices/general likability. (As does every Kardashian post on the entire Internet.)

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