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Gucci XL GG Floral Print Tote



I like my florals, and I like my monograms. Put them together and you’ve pretty much got this, one of Gucci’s new bags of the season for men, the XL GG Floral Print Tote. Admittedly, it’s not an ugly bag, in fact, I do like the whole embroidered phoenix and giant bee dancing amongst the gold flowers set against the GG Supreme canvas that’s also printed with its own blue/green floral print.

Yes, it’s a lot to take in, especially when you consider its size, measuring 37.5 cm across by 35.5 cm in height. It also comes with a removable shoulder sling (ok, that’s useful), suede-bonded lining and patch pockets on the inside. Retailing for aroundSGD3500 or so, it’s lovely yes, but as far as I’m concerned, mustering the courage to bring this bag out and about would be a different story altogether.

In other words, if I do get it, I would probably place it on a pedestal and stare at it all day, with an arrangement of flowers sticking out the top, of course. For everyone else (especially the fashion-forward folks amongst you), it’s now available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore.

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Chic and brazen, Gucci never skips a beat! The brand’s Cruise 2016 Ad Campaign is spreading like wildfire, and we’re here to show you some of the latest snaps on this collection. Romanticism at best, you can say that Gucci doesn’t shy away from being an epitome of modern art forms…and it doesn’t just reflect on the pieces they create. They also make it a point to give us their best shot with their ad campaigns every season. This one in particular ain’t an exception, too.

According to Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, the Cruise 2016 campaign reflects “a more nuanced, subtle and multidimensional romanticism”, which moves away from overt sexuality. Keeping the brand’s vision in tow minus the frills, Gucci actually keeps it all together! It’s not a surprise, though.

We’re seeing some warm palettes and GG Supremes – and we love how the collection comes together without being overdone. Also, check out the wardrobe and crazy prints because to our surprise, it actually works! A great background which flourishes with life, paired with only the finest products. Yes, it’s real!

What do you think about this collection in particular? Comment and let us know!












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The Gucci Interlocking Shoulder Bag is a fine statement piece that’s sure to get you your money’s worth. I mean, the quality on this thing needs no words – you can see and feel it the first time! If you’re looking for a piece with so much magnetic energy (yes, I feel the attraction too), then this is it.

Don’t let its minimalist exterior fool you – this Interlocking Shoulder Bag can be too much to handle. Of course, we cannot unsee the centerpiece of this bag, which is the interlocking ‘G’ design. It captures the fusion of two Gs which create a rounded logo. Come on, you know this was made for flaunting. It even comes with silver-tone hardware, for good measure. At this point, we are swooning. And since we made a feature on this some weeks ago, you can check it out (to be guided about the size and prices).

READ: Gucci Interlocking Shoulder Bag

Its exterior is polished 100% to give it a nice sheen. The colors on this bag come alive, since they don’t fade easily.

Get yours now via Gucci e-store!

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Find the Perfect Gift From Gucci


Gucci - Perfect Gifts

During 2014, Gucci has released collection after collection of gorgeous bags. Bamboo had a huge resurgence for the brand, as well as textured Diamante leather and the new Jackie Soft. To close out the year, Gucci put together a stunning compilation of items that are sure to delight, whether as a gift for this holiday season or a new bag for a new year.

Gucci’s designs aren’t the only notable things here; the cruise collection debuted some of the most stunning hues of leather, including mauve-like purple, a crisp off-white, light pink and beyond. I had the chance to check out four of my favorite Gucci pieces, but there are so many more; you can visit Gucci to check out the entire selection.

Gucci Bamboo Daily Shoulder Bag. $1,890 via Gucci.

Gucci Bamboo Daily Shoulder Bag. $1,890 via Gucci.

The inclusion of more Bamboo for Gucci relates to its deeply rooted history, and the bamboo accents are iconic for the house. The Gucci Bamboo Daily Shoulder Bag is part of the Bamboo Daily line, which melds ease and elegance beautifully; this bag is a stand-out of the bunch.

Gucci Bamboo Daily Shoulder Bag. $1,890 via Gucci.

Gucci Bamboo Daily Shoulder Bag. $1,890 via Gucci.

The shoulder bag sits comfortably, and the body of the bag lies close to flat against your side. Of course, the leather is supple and divine; Gucci always finds a way to make a design look simple yet utterly seductive. The off-white leather works well for winter and will give a clean touch to any look. This is the bag that I have on my wish-list from Gucci, and the name of it describes precisely what it is: the perfect shoulder bag to carry day after day. And trust me, when you get your hands on this bag, that’s precisely what you will be doing.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Mini Top Handle. $1,350 via Gucci.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Mini Top Handle. $1,350 via Gucci.

A few months ago, I did a Purseonals review on my Gucci Bamboo Shopper. In it, I raved about this bag, plus I carry it so often that it’s the most-used bag in my collection for 2014. I almost always love a mini version of my favorite designs, and Gucci has made my bag wish list grow once again with the addition of the Bamboo Shopper Mini Top Handle.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Mini Top Handle. $1,350 via Gucci.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Mini Top Handle. $1,350 via Gucci.

The main difference between the larger size and the mini (after the size, of course) is the lack of interior compartments. With a small bag, you can’t have as many divisions because you need the space to be as usable as possible. I totally love this bag, and it’d make a great companion piece to my other Bamboo Shopper. Plus, the large size can get a bit heavy, so there is nothing better than lightening the load with the same style I already love.

Gucci Bamboo Backpack. $2,590 via Gucci.

Gucci Bamboo Backpack. $2,590 via Gucci.

Backpacks are a trend that shows no signs of slowing down, and I’m always on the hunt for a great backpack that might push me over the edge to purchase. If I had to choose, I’d get this Gucci Bamboo Backpack–the design marries utility and style beautifully, plus the color is divine.

Gucci Bamboo Backpack. $2,590 via Gucci.

Gucci Bamboo Backpack. $2,590 via Gucci.

This bag has such a cool girl feel with its oversized tassels and bamboo top handle, which will amp up your style instantly. Gucci offers a ton of colors but this lilac color is my favorite by far. Purple is a neutral color that offers more more dimension than other neutrals but works well with majority of your wardrobe. If you’re looking for a backpack, this is a great option.

Gucci Flora Knight Print Zip Around Wallet. $545 via Gucci.

Gucci Flora Knight Print Zip Around Wallet. $545 via Gucci.

We don’t cover wallets enough, but I am an extremely picky person when it comes to my wallet. A zip-around continental wallet offers plenty of space for all of your credit cards, gift cards and other important cards, and you can easily slide your money in the center zip pocket as well.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Mini Top Handle. $1,350 via Gucci. Gucci Flora Knight Print Zip Around Wallet. $545 via Gucci.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Mini Top Handle. $1,350 via Gucci. Gucci Flora Knight Print Zip Around Wallet. $545 via Gucci.

The Flora print instantly amps up the “wow” factor for this wallet, but since the print is on a black background, it doesn’t distract at all. I need to find a new wallet for my mom, and this is the one I’m planning to get for her–let’s hope she skims over this part of the post so I didn’t just spoil the surprise.

These are only four of the many items Gucci offers, so check out the rest on Gucci.com now.

Gucci Bamboo Daily Shoulder Bag. $1,890 via Gucci.

Gucci Bamboo Daily Shoulder Bag

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Gucci Bright Diamante Bags Details



A few days ago we shared the Gucci Bright Diamante Ad Campaign with a promise to show you the entire collection, from top handles to shoulders. Well here they are.

I really love diamond patterns, any bag with that kind-of style makes my heart beats a little bit faster. Diamond patterns enhance the feel of luxury and we can relate that to ChanelSalvatore Ferragamo and Dior bags. But the patterns need to link to one important component and that’s the leather and way how it’s constructed – the craftsmanship.

Gucci has these two elements, but the bags aren’t cheap either. But then, you get what you pay for, they are still better than the overhyped designer bags.

All these bags have a Gucci signature on the front, the top handles and the duffle comes with a leather strap. The Carry-on (the largest size) has two tags attached on the handles. All are beautified with tiny diamond dotted patterns and the best of the best is, they are in different kind of colors. Pick your favorite that can be carried, used and flaunt in all season.

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