There is a piece of news that saddens us to no end. It is a new development that will leave a hole in the fashion industry for some time yet, reminding us that there was one a beautiful supermodel named Gisele Bundchen, who has officially retired from the runway. A star has been extinguished in the world of designers and runway shows as we bid farewell to one of our very favourites to appear on that catwalk. Gisele Caroline Bundchen, the 34-year-old Brazilian fashion model who was scouted at the tender age of 14 will have walked her last runway show at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week Colcci show in Brazil. It is a nice way to retire from her 20-year-long career as she has been the face of the Brazilian brand for several seasons, wrapping up this chapter in her life as she struts her stuff on stage in her own hometown. We will definitely be peeling quite the pang of loss in seeing her go.

It's Official! Gisele Bundchen Retires From the Runway

Gisele Bundchen is a sixth generation Brazilian hailing from a German descent and born in Southern Brazil. She was raised in an area where many were of the same ancestry along with her five sisters, including fraternal twin Patricia. In 1993 the twins joined a modeling course and Bundchen discovered by the Elite modelling agency a year later during a school excursion. It was in 1996 that she finally got her big Fashion Week break in New York City. In 1998 she was chosen to walk Alexander McQueen’s ready to wear show called Rain because of her ability to walk in towering heels on a slippery runway. Securing her first British Vogue cover, she soon became an in-demand cover girl, particularly big in her generation, being featured in over 10 covers in fewer than four years. Even Kate Moss didn’t have more than nine.

Gisele has posed for Missoni, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Gianfranco Ferre, Ralph Lauren, and Versace campaigns. By the year 2000, Bundchen was just about the world’s hottest model, known as the Brazilian Bombshell. She’s been credited with ending the “heroin chic” era of modelling and pioneering the “horse walk” stomping movement as she picks up her knees and kicks her feet out in front. She was one of Victoria’s Secret Angels from the turn of the millennium to around mid-2007, having been named one of the only remaining supermodels in the world. If we are talking about awe-inspiring facts, in 2004 she was the highest paid model in the world, while in 2007 she was named the 16th richest woman in the entertainment industry. On 12 May 2009, The Independent called her “the biggest star in fashion history” and within the same year Harper’s Bazaar rated her among the top 26 greatest models of all time. In 2012, she was the top earning model on the Forbes models list, while in 2014 she was the 89th most powerful woman in the world. She is, and always has been, an incredible individual in the world of fashion and her status throughout the years as placing in the top lists has proven her mettle.

Gisele Bundchen has also dipped her toes in the world of acting, playing a supporting role in Taxi in 2004, for which she was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards for the Choice Breakout performance category, as well as the Choice Movie Bad Guy. She’s also taken a supporting role in the 2006 movie The Devil Wears Prada. Furthermore, by the end of 2014, the famous supermodel had appeared in 6,013 television commercial spots in the course of a single year in Brazil, much more than any other Brazilian celebrity; she even outranked Neymar, who had made 5,625 TV commercial spots, one of the highest in the country.

But 22 hours ago, the news about her retirement was made official by an Instagram post where she stated: “I am grateful that at 14, I was given the opportunity to start this journey. Today after 20 years in the industry, it is a privilege to be doing my last fashion show by choice and yet still be working in other facets of the business. #firstrunway #14yearsold.” Now, with a coconut in her hand, she states that she is almost read. For what though, we are not yet sure. Whatever it is, we are hoping to see some awesome photos, even throughout her quasi-retirement period.

We simply cannot imagine retirement suiting the lively Gisele. It may be that she takes a few years off, but we fully expect to see her step back onto that catwalk and prance down that lane with all the confidence and gusto we are used to seeing in her step. She would thus be joining in the ranks with Cher and Michael Jordan, even Jay Z, by appearing in the spotlight a given time later, only to shine bright once more and set our hearts on fire. While retirement may be expected to be golf trips and tanning under the Bahamas sun, it may actually look more like Chanel campaigns, Vogue covers, and endorsement deals that rake in the cash by the millions. At the same time, we are sure that she will never stop with her charitable activities that she has been known for so well, from being a Goodwill ambassador to donating $150,000 to Brazil’s Zero Hunger program. In 2010, she wrote a check for $1.5 million to the Red Cross to aid the relief efforts in Haiti after seeing the devastation left in the wake of the hurricane. Only time will tell what happens next, but we know that no matter what it is, it has to be big!

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The “It” girls have been basking in the sun, looking as luxurious as ever. There is nothing so endearing, so incredibly beautiful as seeing a woman confident in her skin and boy have these lovely ladies been shining bright like a diamond of late. Fashion bloggers all around, women with impeccable taste in fashion and the kind of style we wished we could pull off; these are the ladies to emulate now as they set new precedents and present themselves to the public with looks that could knock any man’s socks off. While some stick to the ready to wear pieces presented of late on the spring/summer 2015 runway shows around the world, others go all the way and touch the realm of couture, where only the most avid of fashionistas venture into. They know how to look sunny and fresh, like the spring breeze warmed by the sun’s rays. They know how to pull off designer combinations, and sometimes opt to stick to a single house they are loyal to. No matter how they do it, here are 10 awesome summer 2015 looks presented by your favourite It girls that are positively fantabulous.

10 Lovely Sunny Looks You Can Copy From Your Favorite It Girls Now

Lovely Blues from Ohh Couture

Wearing out the bright colors in Seminyak, showing off in Bali, Indonesia, is Haute Couture lover Leonie Sophie. She’s got a personal style blog that covers some pretty awesome look and her latest twin set is simply breathtaking. With a really lively outfit that calls for summer, this fashionista has opted out of her typical neutrals, blacks and greys and gone for a brighter pastel! We love the little satchel bag that is also by the same designer as that twin set with the rounded flower petal like shorts and matching sleeves on the shirt. It is a comfortable outfit that screams spring and summer days on the beach.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Ohh Couture

Casual Boyfriend Jeans from Song of Style

The Song of Style loves her boyfriend fits with a feminine touch, which means that her distressed jeans can be copied with a similar style. She’s added coral pink pumps, while keeping the shirt in a boyfriend fit as well. A soft colored bag always brings the balance to any scale when it comes to male and female mixes. With the button down shirt that has been left undone to the center of the chest, this is one It girl who loves to layer on the necklaces and even a tasselled collar neckpiece. The jeans themselves taper at the ends, which she has rolled up into cuffs ending just below mid-calf, looking positively terrific all around.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Song of Style

Bohemian Chic from Haut Appetit

She talks about style, she talks about food, she is one of the best food + fashion bloggersand she coaches us about what to wear at the Coachella Festival. Ms. Elizabeth is a blonde bombshell with an appetite for fashion and a thorough understanding of that world altogether. Her advice? Bring on the lace cropped tops with the looser fit and the major comfort level. Mid sleeves are in, the necklines are high and the skin is shown through the lacy embroidery. Paired with frayed ends on black short cut offs with a high waist and high hem, this is an awesome festival look. Boho waves, a lot of silver bracelets, Stuart Weitzman boots, and with all the vintage vibes, this look is rocking the festival grounds.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Haut Appetit

Summer’s Ginghams from Style Heroine

She’s ricking the gingham. One of the biggest patterns and prints of the spring 2015season has been the appearance of gingham fabrics with their small and chic checks. It looks like you are wearing a picnic blanket, but who cares? Blue and mild, small checks instead of larger ones that are certainly not as cute and a flattering silhouette is all you need to look like the adorable lady you are. “Much to my surprise its vivid motifs have the effects of the most delicious skin glowing smoothie,” writes one of our favourite It Girls, the Style Heroine. Pairing an Altuzarra dress with a Celine bag, Linda Farrow sunglasses and pumps with ankles straps left unfastened for maximum nonchalance and the look of endless legs, we get a most alluring outfit.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Style Heroine

Bright Prints from Happily Grey

The Happily Grey Harvest look is exquisite! There is just something about the way that Mara Hoffman dress silhouettes her body, the way that bomber jacket by French Connection sits on top to give a football player’s wife aura to the blogger in the John Hillin images, the casual look of a Rebecca Minkoff backpack and those Adidas sneakers that really have us turning to state intently. Cut outs, tiebacks, blared skirts and a halter-top. That is one incredible dress that we want right about now. It reminds us of the coral reefs and the sun over the sandy beaches, perhaps from the Maldives. It’s like a whole different reality exists in this look.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Happily Grey

Olivia Palermo’s Sunshine Yellow

It Girl Olivia Palermo put all our styles to shame with her totally yellow popping colors that grace her silhouette for the spring season. Her combination of blue and yellow is a happy one reminiscent of sunny skies. The yellow color has been featured by many a designer, from Delpozo to Michael Kors, bringing in warmth and fun to any outfit. The perfect spring ensemble here seems to include a glowing yellow Valentino coat, with a bit more Valentino in the blouse, a pair of simple Paige jeans, a Chloe Drew bag and the loveliest Aquazzura x Olivia Palermo suede booties. Yes, she wears her own styles as well!

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Olivia Palermo

Peace, Love, Shea Or Wild Wild West

The 1970s are in, the Wild Wild West is back and we are given the most amazing dish of fringes and suede. Shea Marie’s styling and creative direction meant photos were shot by Matt Petran that gets us tiled up for some rodeo and cowgirl fun. Long messy blonde hair is gorgeous no matter what, particularly left in boho waves. A suede mini skirt is paired with stone clad jewels for the perfect California girl meets high fashion French chic delicate combo. This was a set part of the Chloe runway show on the spring/summer 2015 collection, while the cross-body bag by Barbara Bonner via Intermix is the perfect addition. It is an awesome festival look and will be just right for the Coachella event this weekend.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Peace Love Shea

Sincerely Jules’ Sincerely Free Style

The Free Love look by Sincerely Jules is a sweet and casual one, with a touch of sexy and a whole lot of fun. Short shorts, strappy sandals and aviator sunglasses make for a great combination, with the flowy top in bright contrasting floral prints against a black background really setting up a nice stage. The top is a creation of Free People, while the perfect little white shorts with buttons instead of zippers and frayed ends went well with those Redlands sandals. Brand loyalty is clearly shown here as Jules supports Free People.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Sincerely Jules

Fashion Toast’s Romantic Look

It’s time to toast to the Paris style of Fashion Toast where she spent a weekend in the city of love in the lap of warm luxury, wearing an incredible Chloe embroidered cut out dress, holding a Drew bag paired with a blazer, and having clad her feed in Balenciaga boots. The spring look here appears to be that of a fairy enjoying the sunshine after 6 long months of cold and overcast weather. This is perfection unto itself!

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Fashion Toast

Girly Casual by Late Afternoon

Late Afternoon’s Breezy looks are pretty lovely to say the least, reminding us of the simplicity and warmth that the spring weather inspires within us. A gorgeous lacy top with bell sleeves embroidered at the ends, a tasselled belt tied round the waist and the blouse with buttons heading own the center was by Spell & the Gypsy. The suede pretty stitched skirt was a product of Zara, while that lovely bag was all Chloe. Those sneaker style shoes with the denim toes are totally Chanel, while the rings worn are Wanderlust and the sunglasses nothing but Karen. It is a beautiful look, all soft innocence and sweet romance.

Summer 2015 Outfit Ideas from It Girls: Late Afternoon

Photos courtesy of Ohh Couture, Song Of Style, Haut Appetit, Olivia Palermo

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Calzedonia Swimwear 2015 Collection


There is something positively divine about heading to the closest beach and enjoying the sun and surf for the day. It makes a vacation feel complete, in total relaxation, with all your senses tickled endlessly. From the salty scent from the sea, the feel of the water, the sands and the sun over your skin, the whisper of waves as they crash onto the beach, the sight of heaven literally before you and the taste of awesome drinks you are sipping as you lie there in a skimpy piece of cloth, tanning your hide and relishing every last second in this place where temptations and serenity combine. This spring and summer season, we are in for a treat as the newCalzedonia swimwear 2015 collection is unveiled by our favourite Italian fashion retailer, the hosiery and beachwear brand founded back in 1987 in Verona and catering to men, women, and children. It is a favourite label to turn to for celebrities around the world, having worked its way up onto the top of the ladder in the past twenty years of existence.

Calzedonia Swimwear 2015 Collection

Calzedonia is a brand integrated into a dynamic reality with a view towards the future that is achieved through meticulous research on style and design, the usage of state-of-the-art materials and fabrics for their collections, and a correct understanding of what might be coming next in terms of latest fashions trends and tastes. Calzedonia values passion, sacrifice, love and dedication to a common project, ideals that have led it onto the path of success. So for this spring and summer seasons of 2015, Caldezonia has offered us a line-up of beachwear that takes on the classic and the modern and presents the most alluring of silhouettes.

Classic stripes of the sailors over the waters, there is one look that never fails to draw attention and make one feel as sexy as can be. Kelly Gale and Sara Sampaio have come together to show off their incredible bodies in the sailor style bikinis, some even lacking straps and with added embellishments for a more glamorous appeal.

If you want to be noticed on the beach and to have your tan really stand out among all the rest, opt for the gorgeous neon colors, including the bright highlighter pink of the strapless pieces with matching bikini bottoms and a white kimono thrown over top. As the tanning procedure is so delicate, the bandeau bikini tops are actually a great choice, so long as you add the straps back before taking a plunge in the sea. We especially love the electric blue piece that has a tie to the side of the hip and really accentuated the midriff.

Calzedonia Swimwear 2015 Collection

Calzedonia Swimwear 2015 Collection

You are the goddess of the beach, a diva in your own right so those backless rompers are a grand manner by which to show off the body but still appear as your dignified self. It is a super sexy way to look chic and beach ready, the diva on the inside shining through. Shirts, dresses, vest and a whole lot of bohemian comes into play within the Calzedonia swimwear summer 2015 collection as well.

Calzedonia Swimwear 2015 Collection

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Primark Summer 2015 Essentials and Beachwear


Our favorite high street retailer Primark takes us to summer and to the sun-drenches beach with its lovely summer 2015 essentials and beachwear styles that have us enchanted. From the color palette used to the romantic silhouettes, we love every little bit of the Primark summer 2015 collection, where a distinctive flair of retro chic fashion makes us plunge into summer reveries! It’s high time to say goodbye to heavy winter sweaters and the gloomy color palette, revitalizing your wardrobes with these easy and breezy daytime outfits that are also so affordable for everyone. Dressing according to the latest fashion trends is possible as far as we have these stylish Primark collections inspiring us!

Primark Summer 2015 Essentials and Beachwear

The new Primark summer 2015 collection manages to tackle a few time periods at the same time, as we discover eighties inspired swimsuits with tie-dye and ombre motifs, as well as statement-making messages, such as “Palm Springs” adoring the stylish one-piece that is so Californian. There are bandeau top bikinis in neon tones inspiring us to be “Free”, as well as floral printed designs that seem to never lose their power in the fashion world. Stylish cover-ups come to ensure you look stylish when walking off the shore as well, and to this end we have tie-dye crop tops with fringe detailing, printed culottes and breezy shirtdresses. There is that pretty and simple cropped tee with the Flounder print from the “Little Mermaid” that we crave so much!

The new Primark fashions aren’t only about beachwear, as there are also amazing daytime casual style staples, including the breezy summer dresses with and without prints, the off-the-shoulder printed rompers, the fringed two pieces and the white pair of lace shorts matched with the Seventies-style top with pretty embroidery. The Seventies make an appearance in the collection also in the form of tailored bell-bottom trousers that come in a lovely peachy pink hue and look amazing when matched with the frilled bandeau top. A similar design of a top is also available in white, which is teamed with the high-waist nude shorts with cute front pockets.

Primark Summer 2015 Essentials and Beachwear

The accessory game of the Primark summer 2015 fashion line is equally strong and we see a romantic style and versatility in this selection of pieces as well. Think wide-brimmed summer hats, lace-up heeled sandals, stylish clogs, tiny city bags and oversized sunglasses that will perfectly accessorize your summer casual outfits. We search for no more reasons to fall in love with this Primark collection!

Primark Summer 2015 Essentials and Beachwear

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How to Choose The Right Bra For Every Type of Outfit


Although the braless look seems to be gaining more and more popularity among the It girls of the moment, bras are actually must-have lingerie items that help you look flawless and elegant in any outfit. Of course, there are certain evening and cocktail dresses that should be worn without any bra, however, whether you go out for a walk or get ready for a party, you’ll definitely go for the most appropriate bra type for your attire options to guarantee the flabbergasting looks of yours. It’s here that it becomes vital to learn how to choose the right bra for every outfityou’re going to don!

How to Choose The Right Bra For Every Type of Outfit

The History of Bras

In the old days, women either bound their chest to keep the breasts in place or just let them loose, enjoying pushing them up to near spilling over with corsets or just allowing nature to take over. The bra, or brassiere as it was known in the past, is very much entwined with the status of women changing over time, as well as the evolution of fashion and the views society had of women’s bodies. In the latter part of the 19th century, the fashion trends tended towards turning the corset into a girdle around the waist while the upper part was suspended from the shoulders, while in the 19th century, the bras replaced the corset as the means of breast support. Commercial production of the brassieres began in the 1930s, now having turned this innovative move into a multi-billion dollar industry. While some women still prefer camisoles or just go without, nearly every single one of us that fit the female population owns at least a single pair, if not 5 or 10 or 15.

We have changed much from the days of breast bands in Ancient Greece and dudous from the Ming and Qing dynasties in China, the golden body chains of the Hoxne hoard and the olden brassiere forms used during India’s Vijayanagara Empire. The metal shortage in WWI brought the corset’s lifestyle to an end, while the newer bras focused on fit, accentuating the form, and enhancing a woman’s assets, while WWII brings with it the torpedo bra and the bullet. The 1950s bring with them maternity bras, while the modern day favorite push-up bras are created in 1964 for a Canadian lingerie company called Canadadelle. It was in 1977 that the training or jogging bras come to be, while the 1983 brings about the bikini bras. The Daily Mail found in 2009 that the average woman owns 16 bras at any given time, while the most alluring bras today are the incredible million dollar Victoria’s Secret jewel encrusted versions that often are the only reason we will sit down to watch their shows.

How to Choose The Right Bra For Every Type of Outfit

The Main Types of Bras

With the average woman owning 16 bras though, which should you be wearing for which occasion with which outfit, do you know?

• The T-shirt Bra: If you want a seamless and smooth look under your shirt, you probably should stick to a t-shirt bra that has no extra embellishments, fits against the chest perfectly and has small feminine details along with simple straps. Every woman should own at least one pair of these, though you can play around with the colors. We recommend owning one pair of white and/or nude in order to wear under those lighter colored shirts. They normally have underwires as well for extra support.

• The Strapless Bra: If you are wearing a strapless dress, chances are that you are not going to wear a bra with straps on. You will want something that gives you lift, is made to really support your chest and back and will be comfortable at the same time, sticking to your skin well without becoming bothersome and certainly without falling away to allow for a nipple slip. The perfect strapless bra will give great shape under a simple strapless dress so don’t cheap out on this one.

• The Convertible Bra: Backless dresses are super sexy but how can you wear them if your bra back will show up? Use a convertible bra with a lower back extender, technically being a single hook bra with a ballet back where the band swoops down to be thinner, making it easier to hide, no matter how open the back of the dress is. A lower back bra converter can actually be bought for a very affordable price and is worth having in your home, just in case. Furthermore, if you have a halter top that you need to adjust your bra for, make sure that your convertible bra can be styled to wear the strap around your neck. Those with stylish straps are okay to peek out from underneath, but in general you want to make sure that your look is as seamless as can be. If you are wearing a single shoulder dress, the convertible bra also gives you the option of removing one strap from it and allowing the remaining piece to be adjusted according to your specific needs.

• The Uplunge Bra: The latest fashion trends bring an abundance of dresses and outfits with plunging necklines, which need a bra to match their needs. That is why bras with plunge cuts exist and you should definitely invest in one or two this year, knowing that you won’t want to be going bare chested but you certainly do want to be giving your bust the perfect shape as you wear those garments from the runway shows.

• The Sticky Bra: If you want to get rid of the back as well as the straps, that leaves you with the sticky bra, which will definitely come in handy with many of the pieces that were paraded on the Fashion Weeks lately, ensuring you have some lift and shape without anything else showing, not from the center nor from the sides, not from the shoulders and certainly not in the back.

• The Sheer Top Balconette Bra: Lacy bras are gorgeous beyond belief and are definitely the go-to pieces when you are dressing up or down for a tantalizing time in with your partner. When you have a sheer top as well, you can certainly have fun with the colors used on your bra underneath, so choose a nice, punchy color. This is for the bold and the brave generally as few would dare venture out with a sheer top and a balconette bra underneath. It literally reminds us of a balcony, the breasts looking through the top sheer part which protect them from falling out.

• The Lace Triangle Bra: While most of us generally opt for the strapless bras when we are afraid of our straps showing, there are thinner strapped bras that are great to wear with spaghetti straps without competition brewing between what’s on top and what’s underneath. Detailing on the edges might also add a touch of fun to your look.

• The Racer Back Bra: Thin straps that meet in the back instead of falling straight down the shoulders are perfect to wear with racer back tops meant to show off your shoulder blades. It is a good look that offers a whole lot of support and is extremely comfortable to wear overall.

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Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends


With the fashion shows staged during New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks officially over, we finally have time to really take in all the incredible looks showcased for our pleasure, knowing that too many have captivated our attention and our idea for a fall/winter wardrobe has grown tenfold already. Trends have been set and others fully ignored. Between plunging V necklines and thigh high slits, bug eyed sunglasses and velvet or leather materials used throughout, we have been given such a lovely combination of breathtaking looks that will define our fashion sense for quite a long time coming. We were pleasantly surprised with so many of the prints and patterns that made it onto the catwalk, falling in love with the layers and the textures, the cultural connotations and flowery accents. Every fashion house had something different to offer, a fashionable addition to our closets that encompassed an entirely different set of patterns and prints, setting all sorts of trends! We have already looked into the spring/ summer 2015 print trends, with so many of them making it into the fall/winter seasons as well. Below, we have rounded up the fall/ winter 2015-2016 print trends that come to make our fall styling much more creative and exciting!

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #1: Houndstooth Patterning

The houndstooth look is an interesting one that was a major part of the Miu Miu collection presented on the final day of Paris Fashion Week. It originated in the Scottish lowlands as woven wool cloth, using a twill patterning to it. The first references to houndstooth in fashion were made by De Pinna in New York City, in 1885, from which point it began to appear in all types of collections. The brown version is used to create so many of the Miu Miu pieces for the fall/winter seasons, making it the official print of the brand for the final months of 2015. Sonia Rykiel also shows a certain amount of love for the prints, using darker coloring to keep the contrasts to a minimum while bringing the focus to other parts of the outfits on some of the models. Ermanno Scervino loves his black and white and the houndstooth dresses and coats take up a good portion of the collection brought onto the catwalk, alongside his other masterpieces that are but a pleasure to behold. Houndstooth patterns look utterly feminine and sophisticated in the Carolina Herrera collection.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Houndstooth Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #2: Exotic Reptile Skin Motifs

Snakeskin and alligator skin prints are beautiful to behold as they have been used to make clothing for a very long time indeed. Both belong to the exotic reptile skin category, and have often been utilized to create handbags, footwear, belts, and fashion accessories. Today, it is very much a part of the latest in fashion fads, used to accent coats and create skirts, such as is the case with Miuccia Prada’s Miu Miu label. From the red snakeskin jackets to the alligator skin dresses in an Oak Buff color that falls into the fall/ winter 2015-2016 color trends. They come in exceptionally captivating colors as well, from bright sunshine yellow to the pretty lighter teal hue, black and white combinations and primary or secondary coloring that includes a true orange and a classic red. Dresses and skirts in snakeskin prints appear on the Chloe fashion show as well, while Marni proves the house adores its snakes as much as its warm plush fur. For Marni, the snakeskin appears in multiple colors, the teal being the best, while the material is used for both handbags and thick belts showing off a cinched in waist.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Reptile Skin Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #3: Abstract, Artistic and Kid Scribble Prints

Dolce & Gabbana is the fashion house that seems to love kid scribbles on their mini dresses and skirts, while Giorgio Armani offers us a wide array of choices in beautiful art deco and floral designs that are far from looking real. We have to saw that those childish drawings on the Dolce & Gabbana outfits were adorable and the idea to use such a print on the garments rather ingenious. It was a tribute to mothers everywhere and we can certainly see these pieces as becoming beautiful gifts for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations. Those absolutely sick Madonna prints from Dolce & Gabbana should also be mentioned in the category of the abstract and artistic patterns of the fall/ winter 2015-2016 print trends.

Antonio Marras includes abstract patterning that looks almost like a Rorschach blotted ink test as well, while rainbow colors create marble style looks for the house’s fans to enjoy. Emporio Armani brings abstract artistry to its garments as well, with psychedelic colors and almost boxier designs to some of the pieces. The best in this category has to be Giles from the London Fashion Week though with his watercolor abstracts and fun swirling prints.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Kid Scribble Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Artistic Abstract Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #4: Graphic and Op-Art Prints

In terms of abstract patterns, there are a few garments that also offer a bit of an optical illusion, such as the black and white pieces presented on the Emilio Pucci runway, appearing on thigh high boots and mini dresses. Nothing says optical illusions like the Byblos collection on the Milan Fashion Week, from the crop tops with the rounded appearance around the bust to the full length dresses that keep having one do a double take on each area looked at. Op-art prints also appeared a lot at the Jonathan Saunders and Tom Ford fashion shows, both of which brought a splash of color to the scene, while Karen Walker also offers a big portion of optical illusion patterns. Gorgeous graphic patterns in bright shades make an appearance in the Christian Dior fall collection as well.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Graphic Op-Art Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Graphic Op-Art Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #5: Leopard Prints

Animal prints are big for the fall/winter season in general, but it is the leopard that most designers opt to emulate on their coats and their dresses, but generally the outerwear. While Miu Miu prefers the white leopard as its inspiration, Louis Vuitton turns to darker coloring, where the spots appear to be water splatters on a dirty hood of a car. Though, even here we find a dress that matches the Miu Miu collection, despite being LV, a zip up mini dress that gives the model the right amount of feline attitude. Saint Laurent offers a piece or two in the print as well, while yellow, white and black mark the pieces that include the leopard print with the smaller spots in the Kenzo line. The leopard prints appear heavily in the Roberto Cavalli collection, looking positively spectacular as the models saunter onto stage in midi skirts and mini dresses, while also appearing on pretty vests over flowing, billowing dresses. Just Cavalli brings a different touch to the classic look by using red, white and orange coloring against the black outlines of the spots.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Leopard Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #6: Plaid Pieces

Plaid is the American and Canadian name for the Scottish tartan patterns that literally dominated so many of the collections presented on the runway, this including the Paul & Joe label presented on the Paris Fashion Week. They are warm wool fabrics and Miu Miu also decided to capitalize on their pretty checked looks that literally have us thinking of Scots in the winter, wearing tartan garments to ward off the chill. Chloe brings long ankle length plaid coats to the runway, while Vivienne Westwood knows how to bring the pattern to a fairy tale world with her Grimm Brothers style line-up. Acne Studios used a whole lot of tweed with the same patterning, while Alexander Wang mixed black and red for those cozy pieces that seemed some of the only wearable pieces we saw on the runway.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Plaid Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #7: All Types of Stripes

Stripes are quite common among the fall 2015 collections presented on the different runways from Paris to Milan, New York to London. One of the biggest striped looks that we see on the runway is the use of pinstripes, a look that is especially intriguing on the Louis Vuitton peplum tops and skirts. Horizontal stripes with thicker stripes are also something we came to expect from all the different designer showcasing their pieces, seen on Miu Miu and Paul & Joe, Valentino’s black and white versions and Sonia Rykiel’s love for the metallic silver these days. Kenzo really took his stripes to another level when you put waves in them, combined dark blue hues with a bright yellow for maximum contrast and drew some of the lines in a sideways fashion. Stripes went across and they went down in a vertical manner, they were cut off in the middle and continued a level below or they looked like sound waves from the radio. No matter how Kenzo did it, it looked spectacular. Salvatore Ferragamo of the Milan Fashion Week gives us beautiful horizontal and vertical stripes that take on contrasting colors, working perfectly with one another. Roberto Cavalli plays around with the waving stripes, while Oscar de la Renta brings broken lines to the stripy patterning on its cots, skirts, jackets, and suits

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Stripes

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Pinstripe Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #8: Word Prints

Word prints are a common enough trend, often appearing here and there on the runways, but none showing so much attention to it as Marc by Marc Jacobs, with the focus on the revolutionary phrases and bold wording that remind us of the Suffragette days or the Rastafarian movement. “Choice” and “Solidarity” are among the many printed words that appear throughout the collection, on scarves and pants, sleeves and gloves. It is quite interesting to see whole quotes appear on designer fashions, but that is literally exactly what Dolce & Gabbana did with their collection for the season, speaking words of love in different languages. Versace uses its name on its garments, with the letters of the word “Versace” strewn about in different colors, adorning dresses and sweaters, pantsuits and sheer tops. Philipp Plein brings in hashtags and sends out models with garments marked with #WARRIOR or #PLEIN.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Word Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #9: Gingham Patterns

Gingham patterning was all the rage during the spring/summer fashion shows, appearing on enticing and innovative design details that really had us thinking that those handkerchiefs and kitchen spreads can make for lovely garments. This time around, it was not Michael Kors that gave us these lovely samplings, but others like Marc Jacobs,Moncler Gamme Rouge, Fay and Paul & Joe that focused the attention on many an exciting feature.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Gingham Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #10: Crazy Checks

The checker board looks are a common enough ideal for the black and white combinations in particular. They appear on all forms of garments, but we fall for the Louis Vuitton look on the leather jacket every time. The checked looks were common enough, and when they were not in tartan patterning or gingham style, they were twill or just plain checker boards, kind of like those seen on the Moncler Gamme Rouge show in Paris. Since we’re talking about the crazy checked looks, let’s throw in the fact that Valentino loved combining the squared with the triangles, creating a whole new optical illusion with its skirts and dresses. Acne Studios may not be as well-known as some of the other houses appearing on the Paris Fashion Week, but its fall/winter show is sure to grab a whole lot of attention, particularly when it comes to using rather intriguing checked prints. Emporio Armani utilizes perfect checks in a whole different manner, appearing to be in 3D as the skirts and jackets are presented to the captivated viewers who just cannot get enough of the brand’s collections. Furthermore, Roksanda Ilincic brings really warm looks to the runway, and among the swirls and the marble pieces, we find gems in the forms of checked patterns, almost like looking through square panes of glass. It is a beautiful look that we cannot help but love.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Checkered Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #11: Floral Prints

The floral designs that are printed or embroidered onto the garments presented on the fashion week are either in literal fashion or in more abstract designs, as seen on the Louis Vuitton runway show. Whether as a skirt or a jacket, the floral look always looks divine. The combinations with the floral patterns, albeit not as pronounced as with the spring/summer collections for 2015, are superb with impressive colors encompassing a wide range of shades. Alexander McQueen’s rose prints in clearly contrasting colors are testament to this claim, looking delicious on the see-through dresses that cover everything but nothing at all. The Paul & Joe line features light blue and brown shades for its floral printed pieces, giving us lightweight dresses that look as lovely as they would feel against the skin. Here, we had both printed and embroidered versions of the floral pieces, from the more literal to the more abstract fields, on lacy tops and pretty cashmere pink skirt suits. Psychedelic colors in floral prints are given to Valentino this season it appears as the label presents see-through dresses with lots and lots of interestingly designed flowers strewn across them in different patterns. However, no one does the floral prints better than Giambattista Valli this season, even if we do very much like Stella McCartney’s visions with it as well. Kenzo’s floral leggings really are quite pretty, while the rose prints all over the Dolce & Gabbana collection warm our hearts. John Richmond’s red and teal flowers look quite pretty, while Marni’s use of both flowers and leaves as prints adds a touch of wholesome sophistication. Roberto Cavalli presents flowery embroidery and flower strewn dresses, abstract floral leaves on pants, as well as colorful designs on film strips. Others with almost entirely floral printed collections include Blugirl and Erdem, the latter literally having us fall in love with this type of print all over again. It certainly is nice to see flowering designs appear on the collections made for the seasons wherein every living plant begins to die out. There is a certain sense of hope that is inspired through it.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Floral Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Floral Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #12: Funky Animal Prints

While the garments may take on the skin of the animals, it is quite hilarious to see actual animal silhouettes appear on the runways, from Rahul Mishra’s birds of a feather to the butterflies that appeared on the Valentino and Elie Saab runways. We see Chinese dragons appear on Valentino’s runway, emblazoned across the chest and body of a sweater dress and a gauzy lace piece that falls to the floor, to the really sexy grey and black tiger print that takes form within the Saint Laurent fashion show. Givenchy knows how to incorporate peacock feathers into the garments created, while John Galliano appears to have been inspired by fish and their scales these days. This includes having full-fledged fish swimming around on the dresses as if in an aquarium, while in other places they have swarmed together to create a more abstract design in a kaleidoscope of colors. Celine takes things up another notch and adds owls and foxes onto its shirts while also offering a white tiger print coat that falls to the knees. Tiger prints could not look better than on the models John Richmond sends onto the catwalk, sashaying in skirt suits and coatdresses, pencil skirts and all. There is a goat that stares out from a sweater dress in the Emilio Pucci collection on the Milan Fashion Week runway, before a lion and a scorpion also appear, showing off parts of the constellation.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Animal Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Animal Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #13: Polka Dots

While this may not be the biggest print trend for the fall and winter seasons, we did end up seeing a whole lot of polka dots, including within the Saint Laurent collection’s line-up. Red and black tulle mini dresses were interesting pieces to behold, while the polka dotted see-through top towards the end offered more than a glimpse of skin. Kolor uses polka dots that are both big and small, on dresses and tops, in blue hues and grey and black. Maison Rabih Kairouz loves the use of white in its collection, bringing purplish pink polka dots to its shirts while they also appear here and there within the Emanuel Ungaro collection. Polka dot prints were a major part of the spring and summer collection trends as well, taking on both the classy and the neo-modern combinations. We can say the same for the fall/winter 2015-2016 collections as well. At the end of the day, though, the king of polka dots is Bottega Veneta, with the colorful polka dotted trousers and tunics, vest and skirts, jackets and blouses, as well as pantsuits to finish it all off; the whole collection almost being made up of colorful or blue hued and white dotted prints.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Polka Dots

Fall/Winter Print Trend #14: Tribal Prints

For those with a love for tribal prints, Dsquared2 offered a wide selection, particularly in the legging business. Ethnic prints were very much in during the spring/summer collection as well, a trend that has carried over quite nicely, even if it does not manifest in the same manner. While Dsquared2 used a whole lot of the tribal prints, nothing beats Etro on this ground, wherein every piece offers an ethnic feel to it, particularly from the Mesopotamian area, a place, which few designers explore for inspirations. While looking at the Just Cavalli collection you would not particularly say that they are tribal garments, there is a hint of something aboriginal going on here, from the prints to the accessories, the crazy colors and the uneven drawings. Anna Sui, on the other hand, brings Mongolian patterning to the modern woman’s wardrobe, using tribal prints to create a seamless transition between traditional and new age. Ethnic patterns make their way also into the new Burberry fall 2015 fashion line, making those pieces so busy and cool!

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Tribal Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trend #15: Fun and Bizarre Alternative Prints

While it may not be a big trend on the runway, Laura Biagiotti seemed to have been wholly inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, particularly the intricately carved pillars with their perfect designs and Godly effects. One of the craziest looks though is the human bodies entangling and the face silhouettes looking to the skies that have been the brainchild of Christopher Kane, utilized on all forms of dresses.

Perhaps the most notable user of the stars and constellations in the house’s collection for the fall and winter seasons is Emilio Pucci, with half the line-up appearing in either one horoscope sign or another, or even just as the stars and the moon and the planets from the night sky. It appears in dresses and cape coats, oversized sweater style long garments, as well as velvet shorts and thigh high boots, looking as beautiful as expected from an Emilio Pucci creation.

While it might not seem like these two prints match on another, Moschino seems to think they do and brings them to the catwalk in subsequent ordering, from the world of graffiti and hip hop to the world of the coolest cartoon characters around, featuring Sylvester and Taz, Porky the Pig and Tweety Bird. Of course, no Looney Toons collection would be complete without Elmer and Bugs Bunny himself!

We also love Karen Walker’s psychedelic clockface print appearing on a lovely mini dress, as well as those M.C. Escher-esque artistic prints that add so much spice to the entire collection.

Among the bizarre alternative prints for fall 2015 we should also mention those flirty lip patterns of Diane von Furstenberg, the lipstick motifs from Saint Laurent, as well as the vibrant mishmash of all sorts of creative patterns from the Stella Jean fall 2015 collection.

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Bizarre Alternative Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Zodiac Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Graffiti & Hip Hop Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Bizarre Alternative Patterns

Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Print Trends: Bizarre Alternative Patterns

Like the fall 2015 trendy colors, the fall/ winter 2015-2016 print and pattern trends are also extremely diverse and cool trying to target a big army of fashion-forward women, giving them fresh ideas for making a big statement in the new season. We simply can’t wait to see these prints hit the fashion stores come the fall months!

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