Priyanka Chopra Wears Exotic Louboutins to Promote “Quantico”

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International mega-celeb Priyanka Chopra recently popped into Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new series Quantico and wore a luxe pair of silver Christian Louboutin So Kate Python Pumps for the occasion. You can find a similar pair of metallic python So Kates in inky blue metallic for $1,395 at Saks.

Priyanka is a household name in her native India, but she’s chosen to bring her talents to the US for Quantico, her first American primetime drama. Priyanka plays a young FBI recruit who is accused of launching a terrorist attack against the US. Quantico made its debut last weekend and will continue to air on ABC on Sunday nights at 10pm.

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Charlotte Olympia’s New Africa-Inspired SS 2016 Collection

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Charlotte Olympia chose a careful inspiration for her spring/summer 2016 shoe and accessory collection, entitled “I Married Adventure,” based on the memoir by Osa Johnson. The looks were created as a trip around the world, but clearly her thought process stopped frequently in Africa. The leopard and alligator patterns were by far the most striking prints. Her deep red alligator clutch was larger than life, and brought a new, high fashion light to the image. The image of an alligator mixed with a high fashion clutch seems mind-boggling, but one look at the product, and I’m on board.

Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer 2016 Shoes and Bags

Another like-juxtaposition is her use of wood. The mixture seems so unconventional and outside the realm of a luxury shoe line, but Charlotte Olympia has never been one to stay confined by barriers. She added the wood to a shoe, as a platform and as the heel itself, and the result was gorgeous. Paired with a pale fabric and leather designed to mimic wood, the whole shoe almost appears to be carved from wood, at a first glance. The wood is also used later, in another shoe featuring an off-white fabric. She used a similar technique with a simple white clutch, which she adorned with the weaving wood. This clutch skirts the edge of luxury, but really works in her favor, especially with the jewel spider atop the bag.

Her use of prints is truly remarkable in the new Charlotte Olympia spring 2016 collection, and it is unmistakably her own. The slightly-eccentric design aesthetic really shows the fun, quirky nature of the designer, and creates some remarkable work in the end. So even if the methods seem a bit mad at times, once you see the outcome, everything comes together.

There are no boundaries with this collection, as everything seems to be incohesively cohesive. She uses animal prints/textures, subtle colors, bold colors, quirky prints, wood, and even in one case, a map of countries as a print. This shoe is a show-stopping piece, and uses the actual countries’ shapes to contour the shape of a shoe. This is such an intriguing, innovative design, and embodies everything Charlotte Olympia is about as a designer.

Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer 2016 Shoes and Bags

Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer 2016 Shoes and Bags

She plays to her strengths with print work, but in some cases, it seems she abandons this. She showed a pair of shoes, featuring not only leopard print, but the whole leopard skin, pasted on the front of the shoe. This blatant disregard for her aesthetic in the collection to that point is striking, and also makes for a fun shoe that makes one question the use of animal prints in the fashion industry.

There is no doubt that Charlotte Olympia took her inspiration from Africa for her spring/summer 2016 collection. She incorporated new, fun aspects of design that showed her innovation and creativity as a designer. Even the gaudiest pieces were fun, because Olympia puts her stamp on everything she creates, so you know you’re always in for a fun adventure when a new collection comes from her.

Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer 2016 Shoes and Bags

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Christian Louboutin just made their shoes a whole lot more appealing with a wider range of “nude” shoe options that is inclusive of a range of skin colors. The brand’s first Nude collection launched in 2013 presented desirable shoes in a very limited range of colors that catered only to lighter skin tones. The new collection offers five different shades ranging from pale to dark brown, two more colors are slated for launch in August.

Christian Louboutin’s expansion of the collection has also resulted in two new designs, a scalloped-edge, peep-toe with a wavy heel called Deepik, and a rounded toe pump called Dorissima.
Louboutin himself has acknowledged that there is room for improvement. There is some speculation that the brand may begin a color matching service so that all customers can have their own “true nude.” Bespoke footwear for special occasions is not uncommon in the footwear industry and such aservice would probably prove popular with even the most astronomical price tag.

Lea is currently the lightest color in the range followed by Nats, Maya and Safki with Ada as the darkest shade.

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Sophia Webster’s Making Big Waves with Her Spring 2016 collection

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Feature Image

Debuting in London earlier this week, Sophia Webster‘s Spring 2016 footwear focused on marine motifs and ornamentation in the quirky, whimsical way only Webster has managed to master.

Webster named this collection the Mermaid Launderette, and the showroom was transformed into a whimsical ocean life fantasy with mermaid models wearing Webster’s shoes. The designer told Vogue UK that this collection is a “celebration of the vibrancy of ocean life.”

Sophia Webster is making a major splash for Spring 2016, and below you’ll find all the pictures from the collection for your viewing pleasure!

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Tod’s S/S15 Womens Slip-Ons

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tods_ss15-slip-onsYou think you’ve seen it all and then something comes along that changes your mind. Which is exactly how I’m feeling regarding Tod’s S/S15 slip-ons for women that just landed in my inbox. And while I wouldn’t go as far as calling them revolutionary, there’s something familiar, yet fresh about them all at once.

An elevated, even elegant update on the skate shoe that’s all the rage now, Tod’s went one up and did some creative embellishments of their own, from the weaved jute rope trim (or that’s what I think it is) that’s a nod to espadrilles, as well as the addition of a leather tongue that would surely add to the comfort of the shoe. Then again, it’s Tod’s, and as far as comfort goes, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Another piece of good news? They aren’t as pricey as you think they might be. The pair on the left with the denim finish will set you back by just SGD590, the pair on the right that comes in white leather and the sliver of silver (always wanted to say that in a sentence), SGD670. Which really isn’t so bad for shoes that can worn dressed-up or down, for work or play.

Available in other colour combinations as well (there’s one in beige leather and a splash of gold that’s also rather divine), I’ll end the post with some bad news. Boys, no luck on these for us, because they are strictly for the ladies. Unless you have really tiny feet, of course.

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Currently Coveting: Sophia Webster’s Boss Lady Patent Leather Pumps

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Sophia Webster Boss Lady Patent Leather Pumps

We first saw Sophia Webster‘s Boss Lady pumps during the brand’s Fall 2015 collection preview, and now they are available for purchase! I’ll admit, from the moment I laid eyes on these pumps, I’ve been head-over-heels, smitten, coveting and obsessing over these Boss Lady heels.

Sophia Webster Boss Lady Paten Leather Pumps_2

As we know, many of Sophia Webster’s pumps skew toward the quirky and irreverent side of things–just think back to Webster’s Barbie collection. While these pumps are relatively toned down compared to other styles from the brand, they still manage to embody Webster’s playfulness with the signature speech bubble appliqué. The polished designed, mixed with Webster’s tongue-in-cheek humor, has been well received by consumers. These pumps are sold out on various sites and are quickly becoming a social media hit. We even featured one our followers wearing the beloved pumps on Instagram.

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