Hermès: Leather Forever Singapore 2015



Nothing is sexier than a roomful of leather, and coupled with the fact that all the bags in said room are from Hermès means it will be a guaranteed out-of-this-world experience. What am I talking about? Well, Hermès will be kicking off its Singapore leg of their much-lauded #HermesLeatherForever exhibition this Sunday (25 October 2015) at the ArtScience Museum and from what we’ve read about it online, you’ll be seeing just about everything leather-related that has made this French luxury house famous for decades.


Running till 13 December 2015, admission is free with exhibits including an amazing display of Birkin and Kelly bags past and present, along with the inner workings of what goes on behind the scenes at the leather atelier.

But before you head to the ArtScience Museum, Hermès advises that you start your journey at the Little Room Of Wanders, an additional space set up at the Asian Civilisations Museum that will feature objects from the Emile Hermès museum in Paris’ Faubourg Saint-Honoré, an ode to the great-grandfather of current Artistic Director Pierre-Alexis Dumas. You’ll also get to see 5 specially-created Kelly Dollbags (one for each decade of Singapore’s independence) which I have a video preview of over on Facebook. For more information, including a map, please check out this link which will bring you to their official microsite set up just for this very special exhibition.

I have also have more updates before the exhibition opens to the public on Sunday, so stay tuned over on my Instagram account come Friday. So who’s ready to be immersed in experience that will tease all 4 senses? 5 if you attempt to lick the leather, that is.

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Hermes Birkin bags-1
And like that, Rome was built. Not in one day but several weeks and months. Thus shall be the fate of the fateful Birkin who indulged a little too much into offering its patrons ‘authentic’ material. Their clientele might comprise the ‘who is who’ of Hollywood and the ‘whose wife is who’ of glitz town but they might have gone a tad bit too far. Or they ruffled some feathers too many at PETA becauseHermés has not had such a good year, this one. The brand is now seeking a new name for its Bir- oops, I meant its former-Birkin bags.

Ever since the activist organization released videos of slsughtered crocodiles and aligators used to make these bags, a lot has changed in Hermés’ life. These are turbulent times for the brand, but damage control is essential. After the French actress disclosed her concerns in being associated with the brand, a 34-year old relationship is ending with ‘talks’. Meanwhile they are a sinking ship staying afloat on a flimsy log of wood so Birkin or not, the show must go on. They have got a lot of mileage and coverage with this incident if nothing else, and that could have done some good. There are plenty of very VERY rich women who won’t be snapped the minute they allow a ray of sun to touch their toes, and who can proudly flaunt their ‘Birkin bags’ on holiday or leisure. When a bag sells at a cost close to small state’s GDP, you are bound to flaunt it somewhere. Even if it’s just to a country club in the Middle East.

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Hermès Sellier Birkin40


hermes_sellier-birkin40Having already witnessed the minimalist beauty that is the Birkin40 2.0 (that’s what I’m calling it for now anyway) in early February, it’s time for a worthy update courtesy of Cathy Horyn of T Magazine. According to her, the pared-down no-lining Sellier Birkin 40 is also extra-wide with stitching that’s supposedly so subtle it’s barely visible.

And because I also had a go at this marvel of a bag, I can attest to everything she’s said. It’s also super lightweight, and because it only comes in matte black with palladium hardware, everything’s just oh-so-sleek-stunning at the same time. Priced at USD14,900 (that’s the figure according to T Magazine), I am hoping that purists will be turned off by this variation and allow mere commoners like me a chance at getting a bag that while doesn’t look exactly like the original anymore, is still a beautiful interpretation that needs to be celebrated. In my hands, of course.

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Hermes Steve Besace


The Hermes Steve Besace bag is destined to be worn only by men that live in the world of luxury and money, a world where style and refinement is a must, where $9000 spent on a purse is an insignificant amount of money. These masters of the universe dress in wool crepe suits, travel only on private jets and wear the ultimate messenger bag: Hermes Steve Besace. This extremely expensive and luxurious purse is nowadays the most iconic bag designed for males and it expresses style, power and fame.

Still, what are the core key characteristics of a Hermes Steve Besace bag? Firstly, as all modern men’s purses, it is a messenger bag. This basically means that it is a shoulder bag with a very long strap that goes across the body hanging on the lower back. It is manufactured from bull calfskin leather and is nicely styled-up by the addition of silver color hardware. Of course, for enhanced comfort and versatility, the shoulder strap is adjustable. Another important detail is the use of numerous pockets both at the inside and outside. By all means, it is an extraordinary fashionable bag!

Hermes Steve Besace-7

The original Hermes Steve Besace comes in three sizes: the smaller size version is 28 centimeters and it is also called the Steve “Caporal”, the medium size is 35 centimeters and it is the most preferred one and the large size is 38 centimeters, this is suitable for men that are very tall. This Hermes replica purse is the medium size one and it measures 35 centimeters just like the authentic medium version.

Hermes Steve Besace-4

The leather used on this Steve Besace replica model is incredibly sturdy and firm, but has a resolutely smooth outside that feels great when you touch it. Clearly, this imitation Hermes bag is made from very good quality leather, a supple one that clones perfectly the authentic purse. Also, the outside fabric is texturized; it has a texture that resembles a lot to little pebbles. On the inside it has a leather lining, same color and same basic leather, but with a different texture, a plain one with barely noticeable lines. What I noticed, but only after ordering the replica is that this type of brown color doesn’t correspond to the original shades of brown used by the original Hermes company. The authentic Steve Besace bag doesn’t come in this shade of brown. I must confess that it was a real disappointment.

Hermes Steve Besace-9

The craftsmanship of the replica Steve Besace bag is flawless. The leather is perfectly sewn together with white threads and is nicely cut and finished on the edges. Also, it does not have any smudges, stains or discolorations. As already mentioned, the stitching is very well done. The white stitches are evenly spaced apart and do not seem to have any imperfections.

Hermes Steve Besace-3

At the interior, we find three compartments and a zipper pocket. Exactly as the original Hermes Steve Besace bag has. It is a versatile bag that adapts without problems to your everyday necessities.

Hermes Steve Besace

Under the flap cover of the bag- the one that has the two leather belts that close over it- there is the “HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE” logo written on three different rows with the accent on the second “E”. This marking on the original Steve Besace bag is colored in gold, but on my Hermes replica is silver color. Luckily, it is not very visible as the flap cover is always over this writing.

Hermes Steve Besace-5

The hardware is another minus of my Hermes Steve Besace replica. The authentic model is made from silver and palladium plated metal while my imitation Steve Besace is crafted from stainless steel. This translates as a less shiny silver color hardware that does not look at all authentic or refined. Additionally, on the clasps you can see small scratch marks. This ruins the overall look of the bag.

Hermes Steve Besace-6

The shoulder leather belt is very comfortable. It feels naturally and light weighted once worn across the body. Also, it can be adjusted very easily as to be shorter or longer depending on how tall you are.

The Hermes Steve Besace bag with its ultra-simple shape and design cannot pass without notice. It features a balanced combination of luxurious and casual lines, making it the ultimate men purse. Precisely because it is a frivolous and splendid bag, I had to see if it can be replicated successfully. Overall, this replica is a nice reproduction of the brutally gorgeous Steve Messenger bag. It is made from very good quality leather; it has the exact same size, an excellent craftsmanship and all the correct pockets and markings.

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What’s Your Holy Grail Bag?



It’s good to have goals. Healthy, even. I’m not sure if that applies to shopping goals, exactly, but many of us have them nonetheless. On our PurseForum, our members have taken to calling the ultimate bags of their dreams their “Holy Grails,” or HGs for short.

The scope of what constitutes a Holy Grail can vary widely. For some people, it’s the ultimate bag that they can realistically buy, and for others, it’s the ultimate bag, no matters its price or their personal likelihood of ever hoping to attain it. In both scenarios, rarity often plays a role; after all, conferring HG status on something readily available and within one’s price range seems beside the point. Why not just buy the bag, under those circumstances?

Despite the fact that I’m not usually one for logos (and Hermès is not usually a brand that uses them on bags), my version of the Holy Grail is an Hermès Constance Bag. It’s not necessarily the one above, although that one’s certainly nice; I’d be thrilled for normal black leather. It’s the Hermès bag that most consistently captures my attention, and while we’re picking fantasy bags, I figure I might as well swing for the fences.

Now we want to hear from you: what’s your Holy Grail bag, and how did you arrive at that bag for the title?

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Sometimes there are things in life that are so-attractive…that it makes you feel like you would die-for-it. Like the upcoming Hermes Classic Kawai Bag Collection, you wanna know what’s included?


Unfortunately the bears on the images are not included, but let’s start with the ‘Hermes Constance Long Wallet’. I love the color soft pink, then its refined with a matching red ‘H’ logo on the front. It’s a must-have! The Hermes Constance Wallet is priced at €3100 euro or £2840 GBP.

Oh what’s this?


The Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in Ghillies – a unique style with artful embellishment on the front. Refined in soft pink and silver hardware, featuring the iconic Kelly Lock. Priced at 2150 euro or around $4000 SGD.

We’re not finished…


The Hermes Constance Shoulder Bag, made from suede (we think) – the beautiful baby blue color is can’t-live-without and refined with silver hardware. Oh my, I think I am about to die! The leather is butterfly-soft and it features a long shoulder strap. The estimated price is €6200 – €6500 euro.

The bucket bags have never been so good, a new sunshine color – turquoise. Take it to the beach, it comes with a lock on the front and bottom studs. Estimated price $2500 USD for the PM size.




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