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Balenciaga Logo Sleeve Leather Moto Jacket $4,600
Balenciaga Logo Sleeve Leather Moto Jacket $4,600
This leather jacket features graffiti-inspired branding at one sleeve.

Balenciaga spotlights its logo for its Fall 2018 ready-to-wear collection. From leather jackets to tote bags and branded sweatshirts, the French fashion house’s logo takes center stage. Keep it casual in a colorblocked windbreaker or channel grunge vibes in a layered dress. See our picks from Balenciaga’s fall arrivals below, and shop more at Nordstrom.com.

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Balenciaga Logo Colorblock Windbreaker $1,490
Balenciaga Logo Colorblock Windbreaker $1,490
A lightweight jacket includes bold color-blocking with the Balenciaga logo front and center.
Balenciaga Ville Logo Leather Bowling Satchel $2,100
Balenciaga ‘Ville’ Logo Leather Bowling Satchel $2,100
This satchel bag comes in pebbled leather with a vintage-inspired silhouette.
Balenciaga Plaid Overlay Silk Dress $3,200
Balenciaga Plaid Overlay Silk Dress $3,200
A silk dress is layered with a grunge-inspired plaid poplin shirt.
Balenciaga Campaign Logo Hoodie $750
Balenciaga Campaign Logo Hoodie $750
Adorned with a campaign-style logo, this hooded sweatshirt comes in heather gray.
Balenciaga Everyday Plaid Calfskin Tote $1,740
Balenciaga Everyday Plaid Calfskin Tote $1,740
A plaid calfskin tote bag is perfect for your everyday outings.
Balenciaga Back Stripe Shirt $1,050
Balenciaga Back Stripe Shirt $1,050
This 100% cotton shirt comes with chic stripes and branding at the back.

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