Blue Paradise

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You may have noticed a decrease in my posting lately…I’ve been trying to do 1-2 posts a week since the baby, but it’s quite difficult! Sometimes I’m too groggy to think of topics, so if you have any requests please do let me know, I’m in dire need of some inspiration.

Today I thought I’d share a fun bag that I recently added to my closet…in a new color for me, vibrant blue! This was a sweet present from Mr. Feather  for my birthday this month, which he picked out earlier this summer, brought back home in a big wrapped box, and summarily banned me from touching. Can you imagine the torture I went through of knowing there was a something tantalizing nearby which I couldn’t open? I nearly lunged for it several times during particularly grouchy times in the last month of my pregnancy, but I’m glad I waited.

Here is the bag – a 32cm Kelly Ghillies bag in Bleu Paradis! Blue Paradise…what a perfect name for the color, right?

32 Ghillies Kelly

This color blue is really fun though quite difficult to photograph – I’d describe the color in real life as a bit darker and more vibrant than the classic Hermes “Blue Jean” color. Some regular readers can probably tell that I’m generally not a “brights” person when it comes to my accessories – the most adventurous I usually get is a nice burgundy. But when I saw this blue, I loved it! I think it’ll go well with all the other boring colors in my wardrobe, like blacks and grays and whites.

And of course, the color also reminds me of our new baby boy!

Ghillies Detail Bleu Paradis

I’ve always loved the “Ghillies” style that Hermes does, and have had it on my wish list for a while. It’s one of the best twists they’ve done on their classic bag styles, in my opinion. The detailing is really nice and interesting, without being too “out there”. A great example of why I love Hermes bags even though sometimes getting exactly what you want involves quite a lot of patience (and luck).

Owl Family Closeup

My apologies for the overly cutesy photo, but I had to share a little group shot – we love owls, and I had purchased Mr. Feather this little owl tie, also in baby blue, a few months ago. Then, while we were shopping the other day (at Gumps for local Bay Area residents), we saw this little stuffed owl and had to get it for our baby Feather. I’ve been in a very precious mood lately (my friends are beginning to be disgusted by my excessive cooing at everything), probably because I spend all my time with our newborn, so I put the items all together in a little blue/owl theme.

When I’m out and about more, I hope to get to use this baby blue guy more – looking forward to hopefully sharing some more wardrobe/outfit pictures once my life is back to some kind of regular schedule!

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