Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Poses With Chanel Bag in CR Fashion Book

North West Chanel Bag

I just can’t, you guys, this baby, she is so cute, look at her little cheeks.

*deep breath*

Ok! So. Now that my hormones have been shoved back into their proper places, I’m here to tell you that North West, instantly famous child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has her very own page in the forthcoming 5th issue of CR Fashion Book. North, of course, made her editorial fashion debut in Vogue as an infant.

This time, North was photographed by herself by Michael Avedon, complete with a Chanel brooch on her baby cardigan (which is certainly cashmere) and a teeny-tiny Chanel bag in her baby lap. Everything about this is ridiculous, and I love it.

Carine Roitfeld, CR’s founder and guiding force, is a big fan of the Kardashians; she had Kim grace the cover of a previous issue, and Kim’s spot within pop culture fits right in with much of the sometimes hyper-sexualized aesthetic that Roitfeld has honed over the years.

This image, of course, is a pretty sly wink at the Kardashians’ place within pop culture as well; constantly covered in expensive clothing and cultivated for fame from birth. When North gets a little older, she’ll have plenty of mom’s bags to borrow.

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The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 15

Other Brands

Bag Deals August 15

I’m not venturing much when I say that some people like neutral bags, while others prefer color. (Print people: we also have a bag for you.) During most times of the year, one variety of bag is far easier to find than others, but during this time of fall transition, you can find pretty much any color you’d like, from bright turquoise to graphite. In this week’s edition of Bag Deals, we have a little bit of both.

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Taylor Swift Finally Advances Her Shoe Game

Designer Shoes

Taylor Swift Bionda Castana Lana Pumps

Here’s Taylor Swift, coming home from an appearance on The Tonight Show in a pair of two-tone Bionda Castana Dekota Pumps. These are perhaps the most fashion-forward shoes we’ve ever seen her wear; normally, Taylor sticks to basic designer pumps or more affordable, vintage-inspired footwear. 

If you’re loving T-Swift’s grown-up new look, be sure to check out our brand new post, “The Many Bags of Taylor Swift, Part 2″ on our sister site PurseBlog. And if you’ve recently been struck in the head by a large, blunt object and can’t recall what Taylor actually looked like before 2014, you can refresh your memory by viewing “Part 1″ here.

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Malone Souliers Celebrates its Debut at Bergdorf Goodman

Designer Shoes

Malone Souliers_4

Yesterday, Shoes was invited to celebrate with London-based shoe designer Mary Alice Malone of Malone Souliers on the arrival of her shoes at Bergdorf Goodman. After swooning over the brand’s Fall 2014 collection, I was able to chat briefly with the designer herself, alongside Managing Director Roy Luwolt.

This fall collection is nostalgic to the 1930s and 1940s, when sexy wasn’t defined the same way that it is today; it’s this different definition of sexy that makes this collection a unique one. When asked what her inspiration was for her collection, Malone said, “Fine craftsmanship and looking back to the 1930s and ’40s, and bringing back what they defined as sexy. Sexy was not the same back then as it is today, and this is what I really studied.”

The brand combines different materials and textures while giving an innovative twist to the classic silhouettes, which include ankle-strap and T-strap pumps. 

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The Best Shoe Deals for the Weekend of August 15th

Designer Shoes

Shoe Deals

It’s Friday and that means one thing here at Shoes: get ready to shop another weekly dose of Shoe Deals! The end-of-summer savings is just heating up – the most expensive shoe in this round up is under $500! It’s not too late to order a great pair of sandals (or two), so get ready to shop some of the deals below.

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The Many Bags of Taylor Swift, Part 2

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The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2

In some ways, it seems like Taylor Swift has been daring me to write a second investigation into her handbag collection all summer. Every day when I open our photo agency’s archives, there are new photos of her walking to and fro in New York City, enjoying her morning constitutional, her evening constitutional and sometimes several constitutionals in between, generally wearing a two-piece matching outfit and a handbag dangling from her forearm. To me, her intentions are clear.

Even if you don’t believe that Taylor Swift is trying to surreptitiously communicate with me through the paparazzi, taking a look through her quirky handbag collection is an interesting study in celebrity branding. Instead of carrying things that others have decided are popular or of-the-moment, Swift sticks to less recognizable options from both major brands and independent designers alike. The result is that she always looks like herself instead of looking like an It Bag billboard, just like the last time we took a look at her handbag habits in 2014.

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