First Look New Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 Bags At London Pop-up Store

Louis Vuitton

Last week, we are learn Louis Vuitton will open a new Pop-up store in London at Dover Street Market starting August 15th. The French fashion house has unveiled plans to open a temporary shop at Dover Street Market in Mayfari, in conjunction with the London Fashion Week to be held in September. After London, the adventure of the pop-up store Louis Vuitton designer could to to Tokyo and New York, and we can saw it success in Paris to Christmas.

And in the Pop-up store, they will show many of latest new Louis Vuitton items including Ready-to-wear, handbags from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection and more. Here we will show you the handbags which will available for sale on the LV temporary store which include the new LV Neo Marceau Dora bag which will sale $3,550 in Monogram and $4,650 in Leather materials, Louis Vuitton Epi Doc BB bags, LV Alma Malletage Bag and the latest new Petite-Malle Epi bags. Take a view and shop more new lv bags at our site, and view more posts about the new LV 2014 Fall Collections here!

Louis-Vuitton-Temporary-Store-London1 New Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 Bags At London Pop-up Store 21 New Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 Bags At London Pop-up Store 3

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Elle Fanning Looks Quite Grown Up in Louboutin Pumps

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Elle Fanning Christian Louboutin Iriza Strass Pumps

Elle Fanning recently attended the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Installation Dinner in Beverly Hills wearing a gorgeous, glittery pair of Christian Louboutin Iriza Strass Pumps, paired with a striking Vivienne Westwood Gold Label dress.

I write about fashion every day, but I am frankly stumped as to how to explain what’s going on with the back of Elle’s dress. It’s like a strange peplum effect that creates something I’ll call “intentional bubble butt,” which looks good on ingenues like Elle, who have just the right amount of butt. In any case, you can see more of Elle’s best looks, bags and shoes in “The Many Bags of Dakota and Elle Fanning.”

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Latest Obsession: KAANAS Shoes

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Finding a good flat is way harder than it seems, especially during summer. With most flats, my feet find themselves constricted and begging to breathe, not to mention torn up from tons of blisters caused by the constant rubbing of no-sock wear. Thanks to my newest obsession,KAANAS, my feet have finally found a pair of flats they’re happy in.

It wasn’t until I saw my roommate wearing a pair of KAANAS that I discovered the brand. Originally started by two sisters, KAANAS are designed and hand-made in Colombia. While espadrilles are the brand’s main focus, it offers a ton of other styles, ranging from d’orsay leather flats to printed smoking slippers, and even casual, printed handbags. Think of them as an upscale, more fashionable version of Toms, but ten times better.

I recently got a pair myself and have yet to take them off (I’m not kidding); they’ve gone with me from the beach to city streets and everywhere in between. The best thing about KAANAS is they’re super lightweight and easy to break in, which is huge plus since comfort is key when it comes to flats.

While KAANAS may still be new to the world of footwear, they’re certainly on the rise, with its shoes available at both Shopbop and Piperlime, and two collaborations already under their belt.

Take a look at some of my favorite styles below.

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What It’s Really Like to Walk in a Pair of Christian Louboutin Daffodile Pumps

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Christian Louboutin Daffodile Pump_2

It’s no secret that Christian Louboutin doesn’t design with comfort in mind; anyone who owns a pair of Louboutin pumps can vouch for that. Fashionista has quoted Louboutin saying, “I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness.”

Louboutin takes the idea that ‘beauty is pain’ to heart, and nothing looks more painful than his Daffodile pump. These are by far the most daunting heel and platform in the Louboutin shoe family, and I was curious to try a pair and see if these pumps are as scary as they seem.

I normally wear a size six, but in these shoes, I wear a five and a half. When I slipped my foot into a pair, the toe box was a bit more narrow then I expected, but once the back of my foot was in, I was able to wiggle my toes just fine. Then came the moment of truth: Could I walk in these monstrous pumps? While I was sitting, I felt like my knees were a bit closer to my chest than normal; clearly, these shoes were not playing around.

With the heel measuring six inches and the platform measuring two and a quarter inches, that was an understatement. Surprisingly, though, I could walk on both carpet and tile with ease, and I didn’t feel my limbs straining to keep my balance. With most of the weight falling to the front of this pump because of the platform, I actually didn’t feel like I was being weighed down. My foot also didn’t slip out in the back because I opted for a half size smaller than normal, which is a problem I usually face with pumps that do not have a strap to keep my foot in place.

In the past, the Daffodile’s heel and platform were enough to turn me away, and now I’m starting to have a slight change of heart. The platform and heel give off a very extreme and exaggerated look, however, but these pumps were actually made for walking longer then a few moments. While the So Kates are near and dear to my heart, those are pumps that are made for looking sexy and doing very little walking. The Daffodiles, on the other hand, will make you look sexy and mobile, for a bit longer than the So Kates, at least.

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There’s More Up Stuart Weitzman’s Customization Sleeve

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Feature Image

This isn’t Stuart Weitzman’s first time around the customization rodeo. Last week marked the fourth customization project for the Weitzman brand, and this time around the program’s called SWxYOU Perfect Pumps, which allows you customize the brand’s Poco kitten heel, the Heist mid-heel and the Queen stiletto. According to Footwear News, 14 color options, including suede or crocodile-embossed leather, will be available. Depending on heel height and materials used, these pumps will retail from $355 to $395.

I decided to create some of my own pumps from the Stuart Weitzman site, and the process was effortless. First, you start by picking your pump of choice, followed by the color, size and width, and voilà! The only thing left to do is add it to you basket, and then wait until the end of October for your pumps to arrive at your doorstep. While the latter may be the most unappealing part of this process, waiting a few weeks for a custom-made pair of pumps from one of fashion’s most popular footwear brands is definitely worth it!

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Louis Vuitton Blend Shoe Collection

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton gives the classic Men’s Derby shoes a modern twist with the Blend shoe collection as seen from the Men’s Fall/Winter 2014 fashion show.

Inspired by hiking boots, the Blend shoe is characterised by its surprising combination of materials and colors with technique, practicality and modern detail. The front is crafted from dark matte calf leather with a “LV” perforation on the toe and rubber sole, while the back and heel are made with colorful glazed waxed calf leather. In creating the Blend, a patina technique is employed: a layer of dark-colored wax is removed when the upper is assembled, revealing the brightly colored base. The shoes features padded insock for enhanced confort, and hand-waxed heel & treaded rubber sole.

The Blend Richelieu, a low version, and the Blend Ankle Boot, a higher version with a chevron-patterned tweed collar extension, are released in a range of three colors: Marine, Bordeaux and Cognac. These dashing and daring pairs will add a hiking-spirit to your style; a versatile choice for business and leisure.

Blend Richelieu

Colors: Marine, Bordeaux and Cognac
Price: US$895

Blend Ankle Boot

Colors: Marine, Bordeaux and Cognac
Price: US$980

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