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Summer is on, and you won’t be the only one who needs to adjust your style to hot temperatures. Summer involves new make-up and different hair dye products, among others. Today we talk about a surprising and useful gift you can make your boyfriend this season. Since you are women who know a lot about hair care and cosmetics, we give you an impressive and practical way to help you find the best beard dyes for your partners to use this summer.

Men encounter so many beard problems you might not be aware of. However, they sometimes show their concerns when spending more time than usual looking in the mirror. You can use your qualities and expertise in product choice by giving him a helping hand with everything he dislikes about his beard.


Your partner might not come to you and say that he needs a beard dye or consider such a product. Men are usually unaware of what the best beard dye should look like when they just discover they need one. Here’s how you can find if he will enjoy such a gift and how to help.

He may be looking for natural substances or ingredients that beard dye products should potentially contain. Since we talk about cosmetics, they usually use similar ingredients to women dyes. However, they also come with ups and downs. To be on the safe side of efficiency, you can begin a short discussion about someone who recently searched for and found a natural beard and mustache dye, and notice his reaction. Don’t worry if he fears ingredients or effects. Men don’t deal with facial hair dye products every day.

As per most men reaching their 30s, your boyfriend may develop grey hairs. The beard is visible, so your boyfriend may not be pleased with grey facial hair. If he’s looking for a solution, such as removing the problematic hair, you can come with a more adequate and convenient option.

Men who have a freshly grown beard just notice that facial hair doesn’t have the same color and tone as the head hair. That’s because there’s less hair involved on the face. The color also changes easier due to sun exposure or coffee consumption. Therefore, your boyfriend may notice that his facial hair has an uneven tone and look for solutions.

If your partner works with customers or often has business meetings, he might look for ways to make his beard look flawless. Also, if he usually cares for his beard (and he should), then an even and intense color might make him feel younger.

Some change their looks now and then. If your partner has already tried hair dyes, he might be open to dyeing his beard and/or mustache. Take it as a style challenge.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels


If you’re searching for the best beard dyes, it means that your partner is not fond of salon options. So, there are fewer criteria to consider.

To begin with, there are permanent and semi-permanent products available on specific websites and in online stores. Semi-permanent options have colors which last for a few (even two) weeks. You can consider such a product as a test if your boyfriend hasn’t tried facial hair changes before.

Start from here, plan your budget and begin your research work. Once you’ve made a shortlist of products, read as many specialists and users reviews as possible. Since you cannot test the product you purchase, you need to ensure it saves him from any application issues.

Men’s beard is rough and dry. So, the easier is the dye to apply, the more popular it becomes among men. There are creams, gels or powders that require a brush or toothbrush to use. Make sure the application process isn’t tricky and needs less than an hour of work.


Having a flawless beard keeps men healthy and handsome, according to a study. (yes, you should show him the study later on). So, it’s essential to find the right tone for your partner’s beard. Facial hair dyes for men usually come in self-explanatory colors. If you want to make a gift to a boyfriend who didn’t use such a product before, you might want to opt for a dye in his natural color. Begin by limiting the products to light or dark tones. Then, experts claim you should choose a color a few shades lighter than your boyfriend’s beard – it’s not as difficult as it seems.

Men with black hair should use a dark brown tone to avoid making their face look pale. Meanwhile, hazelnut brown should fit reddish types of men, while the brown-haired should only opt for the above. Blonde men should efficiently work with tints that are closer to their natural shades as light hair is more versatile.


Even organic beard dyes include some chemical preserving components or chemical compounds. Aside from henna, most almost-organic products have ingredients that don’t harm the skin. However, some of them can cause rashes, irritations and skin allergies.

Avoid products which include ingredients such as ammonia, peroxide, diaminobenzene, resorcinol, or paraphenylenediamine. You may already know some of these chemicals as they’re in the composition of standard female hair dye products.  


We plan to make your work even more comfortable. Below are the top-three products that both experts and users recommend. Here are three of the preferences among American men.

1. Bigen EZ Hair Color for Men is easy to use for both beard and hair. It also comes with a comb-in application tool that works for natural-looking color. The dye doesn’t contain ammonia and includes a small amount of peroxide. This dye comes in dark black and dark brown.  

2. Clairol Natural Instincts for Men is non-irritating and contains natural ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe vera. The non-permanent color lasts for 28 washes and comes in brown-black, dark, medium and light brown.

3. Blackgel Best Styling & Gray Hair Coverage for Men is a temporary two-in-one dye that also works as a styling gel. Even though it only lasts for a day, the product effectively covers up gray hairs and comes in an alcohol-free version.

Gifting the Best Beard Dye to Your Partner

Choosing for your partner attentively will make him appreciate the gift even more. You only need to keep in mind that you’re looking for a beard dye to increase his body confidence – and it is also important for yourself. If you consider both quality and his preferences, the beard dye might turn into a long-term use option. Remember that dyeing the beard involves commitments so that you might go for a semi-permanent product, for starters.

Having a boyfriend who is entirely pleased with his looks will make him more confident and even more successful at work.

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You like the Big Bag? You love the Neverfull? Then your heart will certainly fall for the Celine Made In Bag. It’s designed for the Fall 2018 Collection, but it’s already making a lot of buzz. You know, Celine is known for minimal and rarely create handbags with oversized logo. Because it doesn’t like to brag, but it wants their designs to focus more on quality and craftsmanship.

The Design

The Made In Tote Bag gives us an opportunity to brag with Celine. The style depends on the material it’s made – we can choose between textile and leather. The textile version feel more comfortable and the colors are more vibrant. The leather version is more solid and can also be worn in the Fall Winter seasons.

The uniqueness about this bag is the oversized logo on the front. It reads: ‘Celine Paris, Made In Italy’. The bag can also be flat folded, so that it can be transported with ease. The canvas material is of course much easier to fold than the leather version, and it’s also much lighter.

The canvas editions are made in bi-colors. The body of the bag and the top edge as well as the leather handles are crafted with different shades.

The Interior


Depending on the size, the interior has a lot of space. It also comes with an internal pouch. Carry it as a shopping bag, brag bag or for the vacations.

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Laura Sanchez hits the beach for the July 2018 issue of ELLE Vietnam. Photographer Olga Rubio Dalmau captures the brunette beauty in designer swimwear looks. Styled by Laia Gomez, Laura poses in trendy bikinis including stripes, ruffles and logo details. The leggy stunner models designs from labels such as Calvin Klein, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

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Madewell Side-Button Drawstring Romper
Madewell Side-Button Drawstring Romper

Madewell offers up chic ideas for the height of summer with its latest trend guide. Spotlighting its new arrivals, model Hana Jirickova appears in a sunny fashion shoot. The American brand offers up lightweight dresses, striped tops and distressed denim. Paired with bucket hats and strappy sandals, these pieces will really brighten up your wardrobe.

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Madewell Ruffle-Strap Cami Top in Gingham Check and High-Rise Denim Boyshorts in Faded Black: Button-Through Edition
Madewell Ruffle-Strap Cami Top in Gingham Check and High-Rise Denim Boyshorts in Faded Black: Button-Through Edition
Madewell Boxy Sweater Tee in Kelley Stripe and Classic Straight Jeans: Destructed Edition
Madewell Boxy Sweater Tee in Kelley Stripe and Classic Straight Jeans: Destructed Edition
Madewell Short-Brimmed Canvas Bucket Hat and Radio Boxy Tee in Cohen Stripe
Madewell Short-Brimmed Canvas Bucket Hat and Radio Boxy Tee in Cohen Stripe
Madewell Bandana Straw Hat and Clipdot Midi Shirtdress
Madewell Bandana Straw Hat and Clipdot Midi Shirtdress
Madewell Tie-Back Peasant Top in Atlantic Stripe and The Perfect Jean Short: Step Hem Edition
Madewell Tie-Back Peasant Top in Atlantic Stripe and The Perfect Jean Short: Step Hem Edition
Madewell Apron Tie-Waist Dress in Stripe
Madewell Apron Tie-Waist Dress in Stripe
Madewell Finale Tank Top in Stripe, The Perfect Summer Jean: Pieced Edition and Short-Brimmed Canvas Bucket Hat
Madewell ‘Finale’ Tank Top in Stripe, The Perfect Summer Jean: Pieced Editionand Short-Brimmed Canvas Bucket Hat

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Hello Saint Laurent Grenelle Bag. Or should we say; the Hermes Bolide Bag? Well, we’re not saying that it’s a copy of the Bolide. But the shapes of these two bags do look quite similar, doesn’t it?

The name Grenelle comes from a neighborhood in the southwestern Paris in France. This neighborhood is a part of the 15th arrondissement of the city.

We do think that the Grenelle Bag is another stunning handbag. It looks classic and can be carried in all occasions. So it’s a great investment.

The Design


The Grenelle Bag is crafted with a trapezoid shape with round and curvy finishing. The shape is gorgeous and feminine, it’s never boring. The most stylish way to carry this bag through its handle by hand. It’s also possible to carry on the shoulder or cross body via the long leather strap.

What’s really useful about the Grenelle Bag is the generous interior. There is a lot of space inside, thus making it ideal as workbag or a daily bag.

The center top is printed the house’s logo in small lettering that reads: ‘Saint Laurent Paris’. However, it also comes with a luggage tag featuring the house’s signature YSL logo.

What’s more? It’s available in different leathers including the ultra-chic croc embossed. And for the most timeless look, it’s also exclusively made in solid colors like the classic black. So what do you think?

The Interior


The bag is quite large, so the interior is spacious. Inside you will find the main compartment including a zip pocket. The size is large enough to store basic essentials, but also a laptop or documents for work. The Grenelle Bag is definitely made for the busy woman.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 16 x 33 x 25 (D x W x H) cm, the strap is 46 cm long and the handle 11 cm. It’s priced at $18900 HKD, $2750 USD, €1890 EUR, £1620 GBP

Where To Shop The Saint Laurent Grenelle Bag?

1. Farfetch – you can find the Grenelle Bag exclusively here…

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Sara Sampaio graces the pages of PORTER Magazine’s 2018 Summer Escape issue. The Portuguese model poses in vacation-ready looks for a fashion spread. Photographed by Hanna Tveite, Sara embraces casually luxe fashions including denim and breezy dresses. Stylist Helen Broadfootpairs the looks with layered jewelry as well as woven handbags.

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

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